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Command a crowd of workers in brain-teasing puzzles with 7 Billion Humans APK – a quirky programming challenge!

7 Billion Humans APK

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App Name 7 Billion Humans
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Do you want to control a bunch of office folks and solve tricky riddles? Let’s introduce you to “7 Billion Humans”! It’s not a regular game—it combines coding, tactics, and delight, making your brain work double.

The idea behind “7 Billion Humans”?

“7 Billion Humans” is a brain-teasing game from the imaginative team at Tomorrow Corporation. It’s the epic follow-up to the prized game “Human Resource Machine”. Now, you face bigger challenges, complex riddles, and more humans to lead!
Available since August 23, 2018, “7 Billion Humans” is loved by players on various platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and your smartphones via App Store and Google Play.

Brand-New Coding Language

“7 Billion Humans” introduces a fresh coding language, solely for the game. Unlike the “Human Resource Machine” where one worker was under your command, now you control several office employees simultaneously. It’s a fun complexity as you control your human resource orchestra to finish tasks.

Exciting Attributes

“7 Billion Humans” is loaded with features that will keep you immersed for hours:

  • More Riddles: The game comes with a range of riddles that will test your solution-finding abilities.
  • More Humans: Picture this – countless teams ready to help, providing endless methods to problem-solving.
  • Brain Workouts: This game isn’t about aimless clicking. It’s shaped to stimulate your mind!

The Gaming Journey

Step into a mirror world of computers, except people run it, not machines. Your role? Making these office workers automatically handle tasks. Each stage demands more, urging you to think logically like a real programmer.

But you don’t need complex programming knowledge for “7 Billion Humans”. The game introduces its programming language in a user-friendly way. Playing through Levels 1-9, you’ll experience the joy of solving puzzles and seeing your commands fulfilled by workers.

Why Opt for “7 Billion Humans”?

  • A Booster for Your Brain: If puzzles make you tick, and improving your logical thinking is your goal, this is your game.
  • Learning While Playing: “7 Billion Humans” could be your gateway into understanding programming and automation.
  • Fun Anyone Can Enjoy: Are you a veteran gamer or someone seeking a new pastime? This game caters to all.

Final Thoughts

“7 Billion Humans” isn’t just a game – it’s an adventure that tests your intelligence and celebrates your inventiveness. Its unique programming language, numerous puzzles, and delight in coordinating an army of office staff make it a worthy challenge for those fond of brain puzzles.

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