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App Name AOA: Always on Display
Package ID com.newgen.alwayson
Size 21.9 MB
Latest Version 7.0.0
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MOD Info PRO Unlocked

When you’re using a smartphone, you want to make sure that the phone is always looking in the best shape and looks great when using it. Edge lighting is the feature that helps you to turn the phone into something magical, and if you want to experience that, install Always on Amoled Pro APK.

Edge lighting is the feature that is available on high-end smartphones only. Samsung is a pioneer of this feature which allows users to turn their OLED or amoled display screen on even when the smartphone is turned off. So you can leave the smartphone on the off mode, yet the lighting mode will be going on the OLED screen, which is quite beautiful to see. This feature makes the ultra edge display smartphone look more sexy and classy. So if you own this type of smartphone, don’t waste that classy compatible smartphone and start using this amazing application that will help you optimize the screen most efficiently.

Always on amoled is the application that can let you experience the extra display lighting if your phone isn’t compatible by default. I still remember the first time I saw ultra edge lighting a few years ago on my friend’s high-end device and wondered whether I would be able to do the same on my little device also. Magically I stumbled upon this application, and since then, I’m using it to make my smartphone look fancier and beautiful than others who don’t do anything about it. If you haven’t always used amoled, then you should give it a try at least once, and you won’t be disappointed with its unique results for sure.

What Is Always On Amoled Pro APK?

Many people ask me what’s so special about using the modded version of always-on Amoled, and I show them what this application can do for them. If you want to make your phone look great and beautiful, start using it on the smartphone, and you won’t be disappointed even for a single second. You can customize the phone’s screen most effortlessly and in an efficient manner. When you are using the smartphone in the default or stock mode, it becomes quite hard to use for a longer time, so you need some change.

If you wonder what always on amoled pro brings for you, stop right there and Install this application to experience it. Very few applications exist on the platform that will make the best usage of your android smartphone, and if you have never done that before, then it’s High time you consider that decision. Whether you want to customize the smartphone display in the most classy way or enjoy the ultra edge lighting on the smartphone, everything looks quite fancy and beautiful.

What Are The Features Of Always-On Amoled Pro?

Many people always wonder what types of usability this application can offer them, so here I shortlist some of the best features of this app for you.

Always On Amoled Pro APK

Always On Lighting

If you have ever used the ultra edge lighting feature, you will realize how classy it looks, especially at night when there is darkness around. This application lets you turn your smartphone’s display into the OLED screen and let the screen light always on from the edge side. The display light will not be on all time. Instead, there will be lighting on the edge side of your smartphone, and that’s quite fascinating.

Your display light will be off, but the edge side’s light will be on in such a fascinating way that it will look quite classy and outstanding in various ways, and that’s what we love to see.

Use Ultra Edge Lighting

Your smartphone’s display screen will show all the various types of notifications through the lightning around it. If you have never experienced ultra edge lighting before, then this is the time you do that. When your smartphone receives any notification like a message or email, these lights will pop up differently, and it will notify you. There are many similar applications on the playstore, but none can match the level of quality which this application brings for the users. So if you are tired of seeing the display screen in the usual manner and want to see something different, just install this amazing application.

Always On Amoled Pro APK

Different Types of themes

There are various themes and options available for the users that can help them customize the display screen according to their own ways. For example, you can use different fonts and themes to make the smartphone look more beautiful. Usually, when you are using the default option to enable the ultra edging feature, there are not so good options to choose from. But here in this pro version, the developers have given tons of options to change the themes, font and plenty of other things quite easily.

Always On Amoled Pro APK

Unlocked Premium Features

Since you will use the pro version of the always-on amoled, you will be getting all the premium features access. I have seen many people not able to optimize their smartphones fully, and that was because they weren’t using this application. So if you have never used this application and are wondering what else you can do, just stop thinking much about installing it. There are tons of various new updates done that have added new features to the app, which anyone can use with just a few clicks.

Download Always On Amoled Pro APK

So if you are wondering about how to use always on amoled pro apk on the smartphone, then it’s pretty easy to do that. You need to install the application on the smartphone and start customizing the settings based on your own needs. You don’t need to make things more complicated. Just save the settings, and you can see the ultra edge lighting starting. You can get all the notifications through this, and it saves battery consumption also. In a nutshell, this is the applicati0on that everyone should install on their smartphone at least once because it will make you realize how beautiful your smartphone can look.

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