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App Name AppLock
Package ID com.domobile.applockwatcher
Size 32.2 MB
Latest Version 5.9.3
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MOD Info Premium Unlock

Data security is a myth, especially in the period in which we are living. If you are also worried about your phone’s security and related issues, you should install the applock mod apk on the smartphone and start using it. Since its first launch, this app developed to protect the phone’s important data has gotten tons of good responses.

Applock was developed by the Domobile Lab company who are specialized in making applications about the phone’s security. If you closely look at this application, you will find that it has managed to cover every aspect that makes an application wonderful. Whether you want to protect photos, pictures, audio files, or videos, this application can lock everything. Your essential data files will not be accessible by anyone else if you are not permitting them. Usually, people who are always worried about the security of the phones fear whether their activities on the phone are trucks or not.

If you are bothered by the fact that someone might be spying on your phone and have access to every single system, then install the applock modded version right now. Applock has one of the best security systems that I have ever witnessed. You will see that every important file, application, and the game will get locked by this application, which is quite important. Because usually, when you see a typical ordinary application on the play store for security purposes, most of them are not so perfect and compatible. This application is downloaded by more than 500 million people worldwide, and its popularity is increasing every day.

What Is Applock MOD APK?

AppLock Mod APK

Applock modded version gives you access to every single thing that the standard application fails to provide. Usually, when you see a security application, it has all the basic features, but none of them can give you access to premium stuff. However, that’s not the case with the modded version of the Applock. This application was developed by the creators so that users will get to see the premium features free of cost. There is a reason why so many people are demanding the latest modded version of the Applock, and when you are getting it here free of cost, don’t complain about it.

Applock gives you an option to hide the photos, videos, messenger, Gmail, call history, and many other things. You can use the various pattern lock and pin lock systems that the creators have creatively put into an application. Very few applications manage to stay in the right position to give every single premium feature access to the users. The best thing about Applock is that it gives you an option to protect the gallery’s photos, videos, and all other sensitive information that you need to protect from getting into someone else’s hands.

What Are The Features Of Applock MOD APK

AppLock Mod APK

Here are the key important features of the applock modded version that you would love to use once you install this application on the smartphone.

Protect Your Important Data

You don’t have to worry that your parents can access the phone’s private gallery or Snapchat photos. Your friends will not be able to see what you are sharing on WhatsApp or any other messenger. Any other person cannot open the gallery’s important folder unless you permit them. Applock, in a nutshell, is the type of app that will give a sense of security in this world full of data theft and related issues. Very few people have the sense of protecting their important and private data, but with the help of AppLock, everything becomes quite easier.

AppLock Mod APK

Choose From The Various Themes

If you have the habit of making the phone’s appearance more interesting and changing the various themes, this is the right type of application for you. The developers here have added tons of various themes from which you can choose the appropriate one according to your own demand and needs. Various people can choose a premium or standard version of any theme that you can use and make the best usage out of it.

Applock With Password, Fingerprint, Pattern, etc

The main emphasis when you are using the app lock application will be given to the user’s data protection. There are very few applications that will make you feel truly secure, and applock is one of them without any further doubt. If you closely monitor the application’s functionality, you will find that this app has everything we as users want.

It also has advanced features such as taking photographs of the intruder trying to access your phone without permission. Special vault with hidden photos and videos, surfing through the incognito browser without any data storing. Login into multiple accounts without losing any of the private credentials is possible with the help of Applock.

AppLock Mod APK

Simple And Easy To Use

This application is simply easy to use. Whether you are trying to access every single feature or protecting the important data files from your smartphone, everything is quite easy to use. The developers have created a simple and effective-looking application that will handle every single function carefully and easily. Since You are using the modified version of Applock, it has all the premium features access that one can use with just a single click.

Download AppLock Mod APK

So these are the various features and premium tools that you can get from this application. Applock MOD APK has managed to get the user’s attention since the beginning, and that’s why every user has given a quite positive response to it. If you closely monitor this application’s functionality, you will find so many great features embedded in it that it will improve your phone’s efficiency in various ways. Very few applications exist in this category that will perform better even after so many days of its original launch. But the creators of this application are releasing the up to date notifications and patches to make it more likable. Usually, people don’t give much importance to the updates, but when using an app like Applock, it’s essential to maintain its true functionality.

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