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Car Launcher Pro APK is the latest version of Car Launcher APK. It has a lot of new features and improvements from the previous versions. This app allows you to customize your phone in many ways, including adding widgets on your home screen, which you can use to show everything from today’s weather to upcoming appointments. The app also includes maps with traffic jams and local events. You can even change the background color or add multiple widgets at once!

Car Launcher Pro

Car Launcher Pro MOD APK

Car Launcher Pro APK is an Android app that allows you to use your phone as a car navigation system. Car Launcher Pro can help you find your way around town and has a built-in GPCar Launcher Pro. It has a built-in GPS to make sure users do not get lost while driving, and it also has a user interface similar to that of most stock maps apps, so anyone who has used one of those before will feel right at home here.S to make sure users do not get lost while driving. It also has an interface similar to one of most stock maps apps, so anyone who has used one of those before will feel right at home here.


It is an application that permits you to customize your home screen completely. With this app, you can add widgets, change their size and location on the screen, hide apps or create folders for them. This launcher will be an excellent solution if you look at the same icons every day on your phone’s desktop. It offers plenty of different themes that allow users to change the wallpaper, icons, and notification badges. The developers promise monthly updates with new features that make their lives easier and more convenient on their phones.

Car Launcher Pro

Maps with traffic jams

Traffic jams, accidents, and roadblocks can be avoided using the Maps with traffic jams feature. This feature is available in the Google Maps app for Android, iOS, and desktop. You can see traffic jams on the map and find out how long you’ll be stuck in them. This feature is available in most countries worldwide and can be used to make your route ahead of time to avoid traffic jams.

A large number of different themes

Car Launcher Pro includes several pre-installed themes, and you can purchase more through in-app purchases. You can also apply your custom theme to the app or use one of the default ones. Pieces are available for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, and buses. There’s a great variety of themes on offer at this point (this will change as new ones are added). The first thing you will notice when you open this app is that it offers a wide range of categories of vehicles, including buggies/buggy-style vehicles like off-road trucks or ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) have become very popular over recent years. Because they’re easy for beginners who may not know how much fun these machines can be, three-wheelers are also included among other types, such as monster truck styles with massive tires – these make even dirt roads look like highways!

Car Launcher Pro

Combine Multiple Widgets

To combine widgets, open the Car Launcher Pro app and touch the three dots on the top right of any device. Tap “Combine Widgets” to get started. You can then select two or more widgets to combine into one. You can choose from several types of gadgets, including weather and calendar. Once you’ve selected your combination, save it as a new launcher by tapping Save on the bottom right! If you have multiple launchers held in Car Launcher Pro, you’ll see them listed in alphabetical order with their icons next to them (make sure they’re not sorted by name). Tap on anyone that has already been created and select whichever you want to add together!

Change the color of the background.

Here, you can change the color of the background. Users can also adjust the color of the icon. You can make the icons smaller, or you can also rearrange them in whatever order you like. Moreover, You can also change the color of your background to any color you want to make things more interesting!

Car Launcher Pro

Hide Apps

The Hide Apps feature lets you hide apps, widgets, and shortcuts from the device’s app and widget drawers. It can be feasible if you have a lot of apps installed on your device and want to see only some of them when using the launcher. You can also hide your favorite contacts from the contact list and any other content from Launcher Pro’s various screens, including the home screen, dock, lock screen, etc.

Get notifications from radar detector apps.

Radar detectors are used by professional drivers and other people who need to be alerted when approaching a speed trap. They are also popular among motorists who want to avoid speeding tickets. If you drive in a state requiring a radar detector or if you want an extra layer of protection on the road, this app will send notifications when it detects police activity.

Car Launcher Pro

Unlimited Money

If you want to unlock the full version of the game, then you can do it by spending a little money. Just tap the “Buy” button to spend some bucks and get unlimited coins and diamonds. You can easily unlock all cars, levels, and upgrades with these currencies. The game will be helpful if you want to spend your free time productively. You can upgrade cars and unlock all levels by spending some money.


In conclusion, Car Launcher Pro is a handy application for those who use their car often. It provides users with many useful features that can be used to make driving more comfortable and convenient. The application also has a lot of themes that allow you to customize the interface according to your needs. This article was helpful and will help you decide whether or not this app is right for you!

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