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Chordify is a music search engine and mobile app that helps you quickly figure out chords. The app works with your browser, allowing you to search for any song and find its chords. It also features an in-depth chord library of more than 22 million songs and various instruments supported, such as electric guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano. Users can perform searches for songs they like and put them in a list to make searching more convenient. At the same time, in using the application, users can export what they need to a PDF file for convenient storage and practice.

About Chordify APK

Chordify is a free, web-based music education tool for guitar, piano, ukulele, and many other instruments. With Chordify, you can quickly turn your favorite song into chords. The website has been built from the ground up with JavaScript using NodeJS and AngularJS. We’re open source in our hearts – all our code is available on GitHub! Chordify works on any operating system in any modern web browser (including mobile devices), so you can learn to play your favorite songs wherever you are. The website is available in over 40 languages and supports more than 20 instruments. We constantly improve the site and add new features, so check back often!

Features of Chordify – Guitar, ukulele & piano chords

Chordify APK is an application that allows you to find chords for any song. You can also view the chords in various ways, including animated views for all instruments. It also has a player that is easy to use and interactive. Chordify APK supports chords for guitar, piano, ukulele, and more! This app is free and easy to download and use, but there are some features that you need to unlock by paying for them. You can also enjoy the app without ads if you pay for it. The app is easy to use and works well. It has a simple interface with tabs that allow you to choose the instrument, view the chords differently, and play them. You can also save the song or chord to refer back to it later.

Accurate song chords for guitar, piano, and ukulele

Chordify uses an advanced algorithm to detect the chords of a song. The chords are generated using a sophisticated technique called audio fingerprinting, which has been developed to be so accurate that it can detect tempo and drum patterns. This makes Chordify the most precise tool on the market for those who want to learn how to play their favorite songs!

Animated views for all instruments

This interactive music player allows you to learn the chords and lyrics of your favorite songs. The app works with any theme in the iTunes library and automatically identifies all the instruments used in the recording. You can use Chordify to learn new songs or help improve your skills on a device by learning how to play different chord progressions. The animated views for all instruments make it easy to see what notes belong where on your guitar, piano, or another musical instrument. A built-in tuner lets you test each chord before playing it, so you know exactly when your tool is tuned correctly.

Easy-to-use interactive player

The Chordify fantastic player makes it easy to play along to your favorite songs. Use the playback speed control and loop sections of a piece. Watch the chords scroll by one at a time, or slow down if you need more detail. You can increase playback speed with a progressive tempo as you get better at playing. It also includes a feature that allows you to play with lyrics and guitar tabs displayed on the screen so that you don’t have to switch between tabs and sheet music when learning new songs or practicing them.

Choose your instrument

It offers an impressive selection of instruments: guitar, ukulele, piano, or even didgeridoo! You don’t need to be a professional musician to learn how to play the songs you love by ear – follow along with the chords that we show you on your screen. You need a computer, tablet, or smartphone and the desire to learn how to play your favorite songs. You can also use the app offline, so you don’t have to worry about data charges when traveling abroad.

Support Several Musical Instruments

Chordify is a website and app that makes it simple to convert sheet music or tablature into chords. In addition to guitar, piano, ukulele, and other chord instruments, you can also find support for multiple languages. It supports drum tracks for guitar, bass, and ukulele. It has over 200 free lessons for beginners who want to learn the basics of playing their instrument before moving on to more advanced topics such as theory, improvisation, and rhythm skills. On Chordify, you can find live sessions from famous artists like Eminem or Metallica. There are also personalized song suggestions based on your taste in music which helps you improve your skills faster than any teacher could ever do! The weekly charts feature new songs every week, while monthly charts allow you to check out some classics too!

Chordify - Instant Song chords

Premium Unlocked

Chordify is a simple and fast way to find chords for any song. We use artificial intelligence to recognize the notes of a song from an audio recording and automatically create guitar, piano, and ukulele chord charts that you can save or share. You can use Chordify without ads offline and download songs for free and play them offline. You can also use the app to discover chords for your favorite songs or browse our catalog of over 2 million pieces.


Chordify APK is a free app that anyone can use. It has a simple interface and can play many different instruments, including guitar, piano, and ukulele. The user must input the song they are looking for chords for them to be displayed on a screen where they can listen without any problems whatsoever! This app offers an accurate and complete chord count with over 22 million songs and various instruments supported. You can find the music you like and add it to a list for easy searching. With the help of this app, you can export what you need to a PDF file for convenient storage and practice.

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