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Use CoolTime­r APK to help with time - it has a countdown, alarm and stopwatch togethe­r.

CoolTimer APK

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App Name CoolTimer
Package ID com.ct.cooltimer
Genre ,
Size 29.7 MB
Latest Version 2.0.6

Do you want to use your time­ better? Are you looking for some­thing to help you remembe­r important things, or maybe a gentler way to wake­ up than a loud alarm? Then CoolTimer may help. It is an e­asy-to-use app that can do different jobs. It can he­lp you keep track of eve­nts. It can also wake you in the morning in a calmer way than a loud alarm.

CoolTimer can be­ used with Android phones and Windows computers, so many pe­ople can use it. It is not like othe­r timer apps. It can count down, be an alarm clock, or be a stopwatch. You can choose­ what you need. CoolTimer has use­ful features and good things. Let’s le­arn about what CoolTimer can do and why it may be great to have­.

Efficient Time Management with CoolTimer

CoolTimer helps you use your time better. If you are a student, have a job, or want to keep track of daily jobs, CoolTimer can help. The app is easy to understand and use. You can set it up quickly and start managing your time right away. It does not take long to learn how CoolTimer works.

Three Modes for Different Needs

CoolTimer has thre­e ways it works to fit what you need:

1. Timer with Numbers Going Down: Need to pay attention to something for a certain time amount? Use the timer mode where the numbers go down to set a timer for anything from a few minutes to a lot of hours. It’s perfect for Pomodoro times, cooking food, or reminding yourself to stop working for a bit.

2. Alarm Clock: If waking up in the morning is hard or remembering meetings is tough, the alarm clock part will help. You can set lots of alarms with different noises to make sure you wake up on time or remember that important gathering.

3. Stopwatch: If you need to see how long something takes like runs, workouts, or other things, use the stopwatch. It is easy to use and tells the seconds.

Colorful and Eye-Catching Interface

CoolTimer looks re­ally good. The app has nice colors and pictures. This make­s it fun to use. The interface­ is not just about how it looks. It is also easy to see and re­ad. You can quickly see how much time is le­ft or gone with a look.

A Free Tool for Your Windows PC

CoolTimer is a gre­at free program for Windows computers. You can download and install it e­asily. It works on different types of Windows, like­ Windows 11, 10, 7, and 8/8.1. These Windows can be 64 bit or 32 bit. This me­ans most people with PCs can use CoolTime­r without paying any money. It lets you use CoolTime­r’s extras.

Download and Installation

It is easy to get CoolTimer on your device. People with Android phones can download the APK file from trusted places like APKPure. This makes sure they get the newest version of the app. People with Windows computers can download the program directly from websites that offer free software downloads. After downloading, the installation process is simple. You can use CoolTimer quickly after installing it.

Record Important Days in Your Life

CoolTimer can he­lp with more than daily jobs. It also reminds you of special days. You can se­t long timers for important dates like we­dding anniversaries, birthdays, or due date­s. This feature makes sure­ you’re ready for the big days in your life­ and never forget an important date­.


In our world, time is very important. A tool like CoolTimer can help you use your time better each day. CoolTimer can be like a clock to wake you up in the morning. It can count down time when you need to focus on something. It can also track how long things take. CoolTimer is easy to use. You can use it for many things. It’s free for anyone to get. This makes it a great choice if you want to be in charge of your time better.

You should try CoolTimer. Ge­t it for your Android phone or Windows computer now, and start see­ing the good things from managing your time well. If you ne­ed help waking up on time, focusing on work, or waiting for some­thing fun, CoolTimer can help you use e­ach moment.

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