Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game

Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game MOD APK v1.29.0 (Menu, Unlimited money, tickets, hints)

Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game APK

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App Name Dangerous Fellows: Otome Game
Package ID com.lucydream.dangerousfellows
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Latest Version 1.29.0
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MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money, tickets, hints

Dangerous Fellows Mod APK is an otome game with hundreds of options and customization to help you and your character attract any guy they are impressed with. The game also includes several unique concepts, like a zombie apocalypse and other variations, to carry the globe to live and further the plot development. Many special situations will also appear beside the gameplay, giving participants many opportunities to enjoy the story to the fullest. The game will lead you through a zombie apocalypse situation, where you can have a blood bath with many other girls. The girls are also well-made for their slight physical characteristics and personalities that reflect their history.

Dangerous Fellows APK

Dangerous Fellows Mod APK is a card game you can play against your friends. You can win rubies and tickets, collect rare cards, and chat with the main characters in the game. It is a story-driven game with particular concepts and plot twists that will make you want to discover what happens next. This game takes place in an urban city, where all kinds of mysterious creatures appear and begin to terrorize the inhabitants. So do not be fooled by their friendly appearance—they are all dangerous, especially for teenagers like you! The game’s story is based on zombies – when a virus spreads worldwide, and many people turn into zombies, several heroes from different backgrounds organize a resistance faction. They fight against zombies together with their allies.


Dangerous Fellow is a card game where you can chat with the main characters, find rare and unique cards, and see the cute SD Characters in their special outfits. You can play this game with your buddies and meet a total Survival Otome (a woman who has been sent back to her homeland) on your journey. The game also has sound effects and meets a total Survival Otome who will make sure that you are successful in finding all of its hidden treasures! As for game mechanics: It’s more style with character traits such as personality traits like “loves sweets” or “dislikes spicy foods” so that each character has something special about them, which makes them interesting to talk about during conversations; interactive social elements.

Discover fresh new episodes and stories

Every week, new episodes and stories are added to the game. New episodes are added to the game every week, so you can always find something new and exciting to do in Dangerous Fellows. The episodes are also updated regularly with new features and content so that you can always stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of Dangerous Fellows!

Chat with main characters

One of the main things you can do on Dangerous Fellows is chatting with your fellow characters in a friendly tone. You can also use voice and sound effects to make it more fun! In addition to letting players choose from a long list of personalities and traits, Dangerous Fellows also uses many special situations to further the story’s development.

Find rare and unique cards.

Here, you can find rare and unique cards by playing the game. It would be best to find a combination of 3 cards to get the “Epic” card. The Epic Card is one of a kind, and it has very high stats, so be careful when using it! Card packs to collect, trade, and battle with! – Set your deck to suit the cards you have. Each card has a stat value so you can put them in the right spot! – Discover rare and unique cards by playing the game. It would help if you found a combination of 3 cards to get the “Epic” card. The Epic Card is one of a kind, and it has very high stats, so be careful when using it!

Cute SD Characters and Unique Outfit

The game’s graphics are cute and colorful, with SD characters that look like cartoons. The game also includes lots of unique outfits to choose from! The sound effects in the game are significant, too—you can hear everything from loud explosions to subtle piano notes as you play. If there’s one thing I would change about this app, it is that there aren’t enough rubies/tickets for us to unlock more levels or new characters (but we’ll get lucky!

Sound and Effects

The sound and effects in this game are great. There is a lot of voice acting, which adds to the overall experience. The background music is also perfect and enhances the gameplay experience. The characters have some unique features that make them stand out from other games out there right now. It can be good or bad, depending on whether you like voiceovers. The way they are used here makes sense because each character has their personality, so having different voices for each one gives us more insight into who these people are!

Meet a total Survival Otome

This game is for people who like games with many options, where it’s up to you how much cash want to spend on upgrades and items. If that sounds like you, then this game is for you! You are a total Survival Otome, and you have a wild side. Meet the kind, friendly, and friendly-but-wild Total Survival Otome who will help you find your way through this world of danger.

Unlimited Rubies/Tickets

After playing the game for a while, you’ll get unlimited rubies/tickets by watching the videos. There are plenty of ads in this game, so if you want to watch them all and get as many rubies or tickets as possible, this is an excellent way to do it! You can also utilize your phone’s camera to take pictures of different things (like animals) and send them to the app via text or email. It doesn’t matter where they end up: whatever happens after that will always result in more Rubies/Tickets for you!


In conclusion, Dangerous Fellows is a great otome game for those looking for a story about a zombie apocalypse and other variations. The game also uses particular concepts, such as a zombie apocalypse and many variations, to carry the world to live and further the plot development. After many years of development, the most important and touching part of Dangerous Fellows is its rich story. A range of protagonists from different backgrounds with unique lives and personalities, together with their interactions with each other, create an intense atmosphere throughout the game.

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