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App Name Days After
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MOD Info Menu: Free Craft, Immortality

Download Days After MOD APK on your android smartphone or tablet and enjoy an amazing gaming experience with its high-quality graphics and Free craft feature. In today’s time, everyone likes to play games. And If you also like to play games, then you must know that many games are available on the Internet to download and play on your Android device.

Today we will tell you about simulation games, many people like to play simulation games and some like to play action games. You will find many simulation games available on the internet which you will like very much. So today we will talk about Days After Game. This is a survival game. Players in this game come from Apocalypse from all over the world. Here you get a lot of enemies. And among all of them, you have to survive in this game.

Days After Mod APK

Days After Mod APK is a great simulation game where the world is full of enemies. The participants have come from the Apocalypse world. Here you will have to face zombies and enemies everywhere. In this game, you will find a lot of enemies and zombies that you have to face, fight them and defeat them and move forward.

For more than 100 you will get missions in different locations where you have to go and fight. This game is developed by the REACTGAMES STUDIO LIMITED. In this game, you will have to war with the zombies and then avoid them and come to the next level in the game. In this, you cannot make any mistakes while playing the game, nor can you make any mistakes, it can be dangerous. You have to join your hero and begin the game.


In Days After Mod APK, there are a lot of zombies and dangerous enemies. Here you will have to face them and come to the next level. You will have to collect many weapons for yourself so that you can protect yourself with the help of guns, rifles, bombs, and many other things. In this game, you will get all the premium features here which will help you to survive in the world of dangerous enemies. So let us know about all its great features given below.

Days After APK

Create Weapons and Build your Base

This game puts you in a dangerous situation in which you have to save yourself. In this game you will get to do many adventures and fight zombies. You have to survive and defeat whoever your enemies are. In this, you will have to collect a lot of weapons for yourself to attack the enemies. And you have to find a safe place for yourself where you can make a house or a shelter for yourself in which you can live with safety. You will have to face a lot of difficulties to start the game.

Days After APK

Facing Zombies and Wild Animals

In this game, You have to go on a lot of challenging trips, face them, and go ahead in the game. Your character has to follow many conditions like thirst, hunger, and the threat of infection. you will have to find the diaries of the mentioned people, from which you will have to search for the information. In this game, there are many missions for the player like raid missions and uncovering the mysterious stories. The sooner you complete your mission, the more rewards you will get. That will help you a lot in the battle of this game.

Days After APK

Graphics and Sound Quality

In Days After Game, you will not get background music available. In this you will get a very clear sound which will impress you a lot. in this you can hear the sounds of footsteps, the sound of hammers hitting the tree trunks, the screams when the zombies appear, and the shrill sound every time you shoot. There are 3D graphics styles in the game which are so astonishing and superb. All the things in the game are very realistic and amazing which you will like very much.


In Days After, you have to first select your role. If you want, you can choose any character male or female. After that, you have to collect weapons so that you can avoid enemies. With that, you will have to make a shelter or a house for yourself in which you can stay safe. And you have to collect a lot of stuff for your living.

It is a bit difficult to survive in this game but you have to protect yourself with the help of your weapons. And you always have to be very careful because the enemy can attack you at any time. You will get a lot of levels that you have to keep crossing and move forward to the next level of the game. In this game, you will find many dangerous wild animals and many zombies that you have to face, attack and defeat them and save your life.

Download Days After MOD APK

So This is all in detail about the Days After Mod APK, It is an impressive and interesting zombie fighting game where you will have to face many challenges here. Create your own shelter for yourself and collect all the helpful things. So that you can survive in the world of Apocalypse. Well, Let’s play this game. This is a wonderful game that has wonderful features. hope you all like this game and play it on your android devices.


Which kind of game is Days After?

If have ever played this game then you will be aware of its category. This is the most loved survival game for android and iOS smartphones that you can download from our website.

How to survive longer in Days after the game?

Understanding every step, building your shelter, and reading all notes to get tips from the game can help you to survive in this game.

How to play Days After for a long time?

This game will land you directly on the last day of earth. you have nothing to eat and you are going to be the food for zombies. Now you have one option live or die, the choice is yours. So when you play this game use your brain and make a strategy so you can survive longer.

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