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Dead Cells APK

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App Name Dead Cells
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Dead Cells is one of the most popular games available out there. It is a rouge lite Castlevania-inspired action-platformer game that allows you to explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle. The game was introduced to the PC and console gamers at first. But the game is slowly made it ways to mobile devices. So in case if you are looking ahead to download Dead Cells MOD APK, then I am here to help you out.

As you already know that the game is not really free to download. Instead, it is available as a paid game on Google Play Store. So in case if you don’t wish to pay for the game at all, then downloading Dead Cells MOD APK would be a good idea.

However, before I go ahead and share the download link to the game, let me just talk about what this mod apk is all about. So here we go:

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What is Dead Cells MOD APK?

Dead cells are one of the best action performer games available out there. The game is developed by Playdigious. And the game has over 50,000 downloads on Google Play Store as of now.

Of course, you may think that dead cells is a lame game because it has a less number of downloads. But that is because it is a paid game. But you should know that it is a pretty fun game to play. It offers you fluid gameplay and comes with smooth graphics.

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Dead Cells MOD APK

The gameplay of Dead Cells is extremely easy. In this game, your player’s body consists of a parasite in the form of mucas. Also, you were originally a dead warrior, but a mysterious being entered you, and you suddenly became an alive warrior.

Now all you have to do is kill your enemies as you progress in the game. The game gives you one weapon at the beginning. But as you progress, you will be able to get more weapons, upgrade your weapons, and encounter various kinds of enemies.

The best part of the game is that it has a huge map. Dead cells is divided into several areas. Also, it allows you to choose whichever area you would like to play at first. But as you progress in the game, you will face stronger monsters. Hence, you have to upgrade your weapons constantly.

However, as you already know that this is a paid game. And this is where the Dead Cells MOD APK comes into play. This is the hacked or modified version of the original game. As a result, you can play it free of cost. Plus, you will get to enjoy lots of modded features.

Top Features Of Dead Cells MOD APK

Dynamic 2D Graphics

Dead cells come with dynamic 2d graphics. The game features some of the most beautiful graphics that will make you fall in love. Also, you will get to experience dynamic 2D action that will never get boring. Moreover, the dungeon designs are not repetitive. And each of the dungeons comes with uniqueness. So you will not get bored with the game. Plus, the best part is that each and everything of the game is pretty realistic. So you can be assured that you will have great fun.

Dead Cells MOD APK


As you progress in the game, you will encounter stronger enemies. As a result, your weapons will no longer be able to beat them. Hence, you will need to keep upgrading your weapons. Also, you can buy newer and stronger weapons as per your needs. However, as long as you are using this mod apk, all the weapons are pre unlocked for you to use.

Game Modes

Dead cells mod apk also offers you 2 game modes to choose from. These modes are original and auto-hit. In the original version, you will have to fight enemies as you master the controls. You have to manually fight them using your blade or your magic. However, when it comes to auto-hit mode, you will just run, and you will automatically hit your opponents coming on your way.

Dead Cells MOD APK

Custom controls

The game also has easy to use controls, which will help you to play the game pretty smoothly. The game offers you a virtual joystick on the left hand side. Along with attack buttons on the right. Also, it allows you to customize the controls as per your needs. It lets you adjust the button’s position and size and edit other controls. So you can play the game according to your preferences and device.

Plenty of stages

One of the best parts of the dead cells mod apk is that it offers you a huge map. The map is divided into multiple areas, and these areas are then divided into branches. It’s called Roguevania, and it has a lot of stages for you to clear. Also, each stage comes with an increasing difficulty to clear. Also, the good part is that the game does not really want you to go to the finish line. As you can go anywhere, you wish to and explore the game.

Dead Cells MOD APK

Enjoyable gameplay

In the end, you can be assured that Dead Cells will give you an amazing gameplay experience. As it is an action platformer game. Plus, it offers you unique gameplay. Also, the game is pretty addictive to play. And you will find lots of places to explore, get different weapons, and encounter deadly enemies.

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Final Words

So that was all for the Dead cells mod apk. Overall, this is a huge game that comes with lots of surprises and awesome gameplay. So go ahead and download this mod apk and try your hands on this game and see if you like it or not. Also, if you have any questions to ask, do let me know in the comments below.

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