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Energy Ring - Universal Edition! MOD APK v7.3 (Donate Unlock)

Energy Ring - Universal Edition! APK

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App Name Energy Ring - Universal Edition!
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Energy Ring – Universal Edition MOD APK is a one-of-a-kind camera configuration tool that helps you add a configurable Energy Ring around the camera and gives you complete information about the device’s battery life and any activities you do in it. Furthermore, this app can be configured in a ring range from 1 pixel wide to very thick. You can avail its premium features at no extra cost.

What is Energy Ring – Universal Edition MOD APK?

Energy Ring is a very known application for battery indicators. This app helps you keep updated with the current battery level, Energy ring help to blink a circle when an app is accessed on your device, app users can use a ring-shaped battery meter around their phone’s camera according to accessibility. In this Universal Edition, All variations of the app are already combined so that any future device can be auto-configure into this.

Energy Ring - Universal Edition

Features of Energy Ring

This app puts 0% load on the processor and It is very light on the android device battery for its users, Using this app does not cause any damage to the device battery. when the battery level changes and starts depleting color of the Energy ring circle gets changed automatically and it goes to sleep mode on its own. Energy Ring only works when the screen of the device is on because this app cant read the data and battery level when the screen is off.


You can use and set any wallpaper as per your wish moreover you can do some modifications to the thickness of its lines and make the perfect match with the wallpaper. select the energy ring circle accordingly making it more comfortable to use. With the help of Energy Ring, you can keep an eye on your Android device for any updates.

Energy Ring - Universal Edition


The Battery Energy ring will help you to show the battery status top of the screen near to notification bar. energy ring helps you to use your battery efficiently. Easy to change the position of the battery ring, Whatsoever notification comes to the device a flashlight start blinking every 5 seconds to notify you about the update.


However It has so many colors but still, you can change the circle color, the thickness of the ring range as well you can set different types of circle color for missed calls, SMS, Facebook and WhatsApp messages else you can easily customize the color given in this app. either you can mix multiple color and also you can choose a specific color of your wish for it.

Energy Ring - Universal Edition


You can easily change the shape of energy ring in a very short time to a wide range. you can change the direction of energy ring, in other words you can configure the direction clock wise, anti clock wise, . this app has so many unique highlighted animation for android devices.


You can easily customize the thickness of the ring as per your own preference or depending on the device. it has so many cool animation in it and If you are unable to find the size of your choice can create your own custom size in it for free.


Energy ring helps you to keep healthy your device battery health as well as this app makes the device more interesting to use. This is especially useful for people who are unable to read numbers and work better with visual data. Now You are ready to download this application. You can easily download the app from DivyaMODAPKcom. hope you guys will like this application. Thank You for using Energy Ring app.

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