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App Name Gallery Vault Pro
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Size 64.4 MB
Latest Version 4.3.15
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Privacy has become quite important, especially now when everything can be hacked by third parties and used for personal usage. So if you’re the type of person who is always trying to find ways to protect your private photos and videos, you need to install Gallery vault pro apk on the Smartphone.

Very few people exist on this planet who are not using any sort of Smartphone, and I’m pretty sure you are not one of them. When you click some pictures or shoot the videos, you don’t want anyone to look at them, especially if they are quite sensitive to your heart. Usually, when you hand the phone to strangers, they will most likely go through the various types of photos, and that’s where my heart stops for a bit. Because I don’t want to give access to my phone’s gallery to anyone, whether it’s a close person I have known for a long time. Now considering all those demands and queries, the vault gallery pro version creators made an amazing application.

You can easily protect and lock any photos, videos and stop them from giving access to anyone whom you don’t trust for a single second. The gallery vault pro version comes with advanced tools and integration that will help users use the Smartphone in the most required way. Usually, people don’t know that this application also blocks access to certain third-party applications, which are dangerous to your phone and its data security. If you’ve not used a vault gallery before, then it’s time that you give it a try. 

What Is Gallery Vault Pro APK?

Many people ask me what’s so special about using the pro version of gallery vault rather than the standard version. Then I show them the unique and premium features which this application offers to its users. If you’re the type of guy who has always wanted to use the gallery vault pro version and never had the chance to do that, then here is that chance. Vault gallery has managed to get famous among users for its unique usability, and that’s why this application is making so much noise among smartphone users. If you look at the number of downloads, you will find a significant improvement, which is what everyone wants from it.

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Whether it’s photos or videos, any media-oriented content will be locked and protected against any third-party attacks. If you’ve not been using the vault gallery on the Smartphone, then you’re making the biggest mistake. Very few people will be careless about data privacy since that issue has become quite significant nowadays. The developers behind this application have created a secure and the best way by using all the encryption technologies to protect the essential user’s data. 

What Are the Features Of Gallery Vault Pro APK?

When users know only about the application’s basic functionality and don’t know what hides in it, this section will help you know more about it.

Gallery Vault Pro MOD APK

PIN Protected Photos And Videos

If you’re the type of person who always loves to put a pin as a secure way to lock various things, then this application gives you some awesome options to do that. If you are using the gallery vault pro version, you know that the phone’s gallery can be easily locked by simply putting a pin to it. Very few people know about it, and that’s where the main issue lies about it. Considering the user base, the developers have made this option available for everyone who likes to put some simple yet advanced level of protection to the phone’s gallery.

Gallery Vault Pro MOD APK

Encrypt Every Sort Of File

If you’re the type of guy who always surfed on the internet, then there is a higher possibility that your phone will get tracked by third-party intruders. Very few people exist on the android smartphone which are not using the phone in the required way, and if you don’t want to be part of such an ignorant category, just install this application and start using it. Vault gallery pro version has an option to encrypt every sort of file that exists on the Smartphone. No matter who the intruder is, it will scan the information and protect it from such harmful acts.

Customisable Hiding Of Photos And Videos

The best thing to vault gallery pro version is through a customised way. You can hide any photos, videos and other files which come under your phone’s gallery by just locking it with some password. Usually, people get worried about the user interface and how to use the app to make the best usage of it, so the creators have given an option to do that easily. You can even hide some pictures or videos folders that contain some essential data and files. If you’ve been making big changes to the phone’s gallery for a long time, then you should immediately start using the vault gallery.

Gallery Vault Pro MOD APK

Discover And Download Images

There is a feature in the vault gallery pro version that gives you an option to surf through the web version and download plenty of images, videos etc., at one go. I didn’t know about this feature but discovered it in the recent updates that the creators have added to the app. It’s a small but quite useful Feature when you want to save some images or videos to the phone’s gallery directly, and that’s the beauty of it.

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So these are the various ways you can use the vault gallery MOD APK on the Smartphone and protect every important photo or video that is sensitive to you. Very few people can manage the Smartphone most efficiently, and if you’re not doing that, then this is the right time to do it. On the other hand, if you’re following the path of unsafety and not taking care of the phone’s data, then it’s time to change that mentality. So if you’ve any more doubts or questions regarding the usability of the gallery vault, leave a comment down below.

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