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App Name Hills of Steel
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Hills of Steel is about cats and dogs living together in peace and harmony. In a future where robots have taken over most manual labor, the remaining animals have been forced to work alongside their former pets. The game features a simple tap-slide control scheme with challenging levels that require skill and creative thinking. The game is free and easy to play, but in-app purchases are available. These purchases will not affect gameplay or progression. The game features a wide variety of cute animals and robots to unlock, each with its unique look and feel.

Hills of Steel Mod Apk

Hills of Steel is a multiplayer tank game for Android. You can play with your companions or against other players, upgrade your tanks and weapons, battle bosses and opponents, and play weekly challenges for prizes—there’s a lot to do in this game! It is an arcade game that shows how fun it can be to blast away enemies from afar. With excellent graphics and controls, as well as its unique gameplay mechanics, Hills of Steel is sure to be a hit among gamers everywhere if you’re finding this premium title available today on Google Play Market!


Hills of Steel is an online multiplayer game in which players can fight with other players online. This game also allows you to play against bosses and upgrade your tank and weapons for better gameplay. The Hills of Steel Mod Apk is an exciting game on Android devices, which provides a lot of fun for users who like shooting games or action games. The player can play this game on his Android device, but he needs to install it on his phone before playing it. The Hills of Steel Apk is a fun game that can be played on smartphones, laptops, and other devices. The player needs to download the game from Google Play Store and install it on his device before playing it.

2 vs. 2 Multiplayer

Hills of Steel is a 2 vs. 2 multiplayer game that pits players against each other and the clock to create the most efficient factory. Players can either play against friends or play alone against the CPU, but be warned: this game is challenging! You will require placed next to each other, and how many resources are required for each building type. While there’s only one goal in Hills of Steel (to build an efficient factory), there are many different ways you can reach it by creating other factories for various purposes (like making large amounts of steel).

Beat Bosses and Opponents

You can use your tanks to defeat bosses and opponents. Bosses are more potent than regular tanks, while opponents are weaker than bosses. So, if you want to win the game, you must beat the boss and opponent with your tanks in the best way possible. The game has simple mechanics and is a lot of fun. In the beginning, you need to choose your favorite tank from the many tanks available in the game. Then, select the opponent or boss you want to fight against.

Upgrade your Tanks

Upgrade your tanks by spending money. The more you upgrade, the more powerful you become. You can upgrade your tanks to the max level and get a lot of free upgrades from daily rewards. We all know how addictive these games can be. This is why you should take a break from them every once in a while.

Moon Laser Battles

In Moon Laser Battles, you can join a multiplayer fight with your friends. You can also play solo against AI opponents. In both cases, you’ll need to ensure you’ve got plenty of energy to spare to defeat them! If you choose not to play with others or if the game doesn’t find any players for your team or matchmaking queue within 30 seconds, it will automatically start a solo match for you.

Play weekly challenges for prizes

Play the Weekly Challenge to earn gold, gems, and more. You can win a new tank for completing the first stage of a Weekly Challenge. You can also win a new weapon in another challenge level! Each Weekly Challenge has seven steps to complete – each set will net you more rewards than the last.

Create or join a clan with your buddies

You can create or join a clan with your friends. You can invite them to your family, and they’ll accept it, or you can leave your current line and join theirs. To set up a clan, tap the “Create Clan” button in the main menu. To add friends from your contacts list, go into your profile settings and select “Friends.” From there, choose which contacts should be added as members of your clan by selecting those people’s names in the list of friends who have registered for the game.

Unlimited Money

You can quickly get unlimited money in Hills of Steel. You can get unlimited gold, gems, coins, and more. There are some ways to hack the game. The first method is using a cheat engine to hack your game, and the second is through an online generator. First, let’s talk about the cheat engine method. The cheat engine is a program that enables you to modify the game by changing values, adding items, and so on. You can find it online, where many people share their codes.


Hills of Steel is a strategy game that lets you build your tank and then try to defeat other players in the arena. From there, you can grow your tank’s stats by upgrading it with loot earned from defeating bosses or other players. You’ll need to download this mod if you want unlimited money on Android devices because, without it, everything costs money when playing against AI opponents (or even each other).

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