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Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop MOD APK v3.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Supermarket Tycoon-Shop APK

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod APK is an idle game with simple but equally challenging gameplay. The model of a mini supermarket is faithfully reproduced under your control and construction. Business projects and unique strategies in each field will help you reach the title of the most successful entrepreneur in the world. Get ready to follow the game’s rules and find the most profitable way to develop your supermarket. The more goods you sell, the more money you will earn. You must purchase additional goods from your customers to avoid losing money.

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Idle Supermarket Tycoon APK

Idle Supermarket Tycoon Mod APK is a simulation game where you can play with the market. You buy and sell products, upgrade your supermarket and develop different marketing strategies. In this game, there are no pre-defined goals or rules – so it’s up to you to decide what kind of business you want to begin with! It’s best to start small and work your way up. The game is based on the classic market management formula but with an updated business model. You will have to manage every aspect of a supermarket chain, even the logistics aspect. Simultaneously expand your business in different branches and ensure every product is on your shelves.


Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an incredible video game about developing and managing a small supermarket chain. It includes shop management, expansion of stores and various kinds of products, market transactions, and much more. The game offers multiple levels of difficulty in shopping for goods, stock exchange transactions, construction of supermarkets, and many other things. You can build a supermarket, sell products and upgrade your supermarket. You can develop marketing strategies by creating a bakery or selling fruit and vegetables simultaneously. In addition, you will earn money based on the number of customers that come into your store daily.

Become Rich with your Market

Market research is the key to success. You need to know your market and how they want to be communicated with before you can sell them anything. It is a science, but it’s also an art, and a lot of creativity is involved in knowing what people want and figuring out how best to deliver it! Market research might sound boring or glamorous on its own, but when you’re able to make money from it, that’s all anyone cares about anyway!

Improve your Research

When you have an idle supermarket tycoon app on your phone, there are many ways that you can use this information to improve your research skills so that they are better than everyone else’s! Research is the key to success. Research is the key to making money. Research is the key to building a successful business, family, and life.

Upgrade your Supermarket

In this game, you must upgrade your supermarket and expand it to the neighboring town. Upgrade the bakery, fruit and vegetable, meat, and fish shops to increase efficiency. You can also upgrade the dairy products shop if you want to sell more of this product at a lower price than in other shops nearby.

Offer the Best Products

The most crucial thing you can do when starting a new store is to offer goods that people want. They have no reason to buy your products if they don’t want them. You must ensure that you’re delivering high-quality items at reasonable prices and not just some cheap knockoffs of other developments elsewhere in town.

Develop different marketing strategies

In this game, you will have to develop different marketing strategies. You can market your products by advertising or selling them in bulk. You can also promote the sale of your product by offering special discounts for those who purchase it from time to time. It would be best if you chose a strategy that best suits your needs and budget to sell more products.

Build a bakery, sell fruit and vegetables

In this game, you are the owner of a supermarket. You need to build a bakery and sell fruit and vegetables. The first thing you should do is buy some flour, sugar, and yeast from the market. Then go to your kitchen and make bread that your customers will love! Once you’re done baking up some tasty treats, it’s time for more business with this new venture: selling fresh produce right off the farm! That’s right; it only gets a little fresher than this stuff does.

Unlimited Money

This is the right place if you have played the game and want to earn more money. You can earn unlimited money by selling products, investing in the market, upgrading your supermarket, and more! You can also save up your earned cash to use later if necessary. This game is Free to Play, but some in-game items may require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases on your device.


In conclusion, Idle Supermarket Tycoon is a unique game you can play in your spare time. It has simple but challenging gameplay, and you can use different strategies in each field of business. You will enjoy it so much that you’ll never want to stop playing it! In the game, the player can play with various items for sale, such as bread, vegetables, and other prepared goods. You can also make your products from scratch – from apples to ramen soup. The main goal is to build the most profitable supermarket chain by choosing the best territories and making business deals with other owners.

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