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App Name LOST in Blue
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Latest Version 1.177.0
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People must-do adventures in their life. Doing adventures brings happiness to human life and also enjoyment. So if you like adventure then, of course, you will have adventures. Adventure games give players a chance to do and experience things that they may not have the chance to in real life. A big reason why we love video games so much, I feel, is because they are an escape from our sometimes boring and daily lives.

The main goal in adventure games is the completion of the assigned task or missions. Players can go to the places and enter into situations that are closed off to them in real life. So today we have brought an adventure game for you. Whose name is Lost in Blue App? This is an adventure and role-playing game that has been launched with a new survival style.

Lost in Blue Mod APK

Lost in Blue Mod APK is a very wonderful Adventure and Role-playing game. In this game, you have to fight for your survival. This game is developed by Volcano Force which is one of the hottest adventure games. This game will touch your mind as well as your emotions. You will find many surprises.

First of all a plane crashes in this game. Only you are surviving in it, everything else gets destroyed in it. In this, you can select your character from Male or Female. It depends on your choice which character you want to choose. When you wake up after an accident, you feel dizzy. Then you remember that you have to survive in this game, for that you have to get out of this situation and move forward in the game.

When you come out of the incident, you look for water. You need medicines and bandages that you can apply to your wounds. Then you saw coconuts there, you went towards it to end your hunger, then suddenly you saw a wounded girl who was in the same plane that crashed.

But she was eating a human, so the player thought that maybe it could be a zombie too. So you would have to move ahead without delay saving your life. So that the zombies do not attack on you. Because she wasn’t the only girl zombie. A whole group of zombies was in very high speed. You have to keep yourself safe and protected.

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The story of Lost In Blue Mod APK is very unique and fantasy, in which you are shown the story of a young mind who happens to be on the island. In which an accident happened on an adventure trip. The plane of the people of the trip crashes. So in this you have to move ahead in the game by handling the situation yourself in this environment. You have to handle this terrible problem of your life when you have nothing. Apart from this, you also get a lot of premium features available to live in this game, which helps a lot in your game. Let us know about the Fantastic Premium features which have been given to you below.

Lost in Blue MOD APK

Survival Story and Interesting Battle

The game is based on a survival story where the player will have to survive this difficult adventure game and how to avoid enemies. There is a lot of danger on the island where you have an accident, so to survive there, you will also have to make friendship with its players so that you can get the resources there. Along with that you can also upgrade your character. You also get multiplayer mode in this game. In this game, you get to experience a lot to stay alive and you also get to enjoy nature with it. The island part of the game is very good, which the player likes very much and a lot of battles have to be done with the enemy.

Lost in Blue MOD APK

Unlimited Money

To battle with enemies in this game, you need weapons and guns, which you can use to protect yourself. If you download the modified version of this game from our website, then you will also get its premium features, in which you get unlimited money from which you can buy weapons in the game. In this game you can also build a house for yourself in which you can live. You don’t need a big house, you just need a house to live comfortably. This is a great game in which you can play the game with fun.

Lost in Blue MOD APK

Ads Free

You learn to make crafts in this game, in which you get many ways in which you can build your camp. You can design a lot of tools and weapons. Along with that, you get an Ads-free feature in this game in which you can play the game without irritation. You get a 3D graphics style which you will love.

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Lost in Blue MOD APK

Download Lost in Blue MOD APK

So, This is all in detail about the Lost In Blue APK. This is the best and hottest game all over the world. In this game, you will adventure most of the wonderful things that you have never experienced about this. It is the free game world that gives you full authority to explore the whole world. I hope you like this game very much. If you have not downloaded this game yet then download it immediately.

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