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Latest Version 5.32
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As we all know, many VPN apps are available on Google Play Store. They all claim to be the best, but only a few work. It would be best to research before selecting one that suits your needs. PdaNet is a virtual wifi hotspot software that turns your mobile phone into a wireless modem for your laptop and computer so you can share the 3G/4G signal with the computers (Windows XP/Vista/7/8) with wifi function. PdaNet is an easy-to-use program that allows users to create their wireless hotspots to connect their laptops or other devices wirelessly to the internet using their Android device as a 3G or 4G modem. It also allows users to share their 3G/4G data connection with other devices through a wifi hotspot. PdaNet is very simple to use and needs no technical knowledge from its users.

About PdaNet Mod APK

PdaNet Mod APK is a free app that can be used without restrictions. PDA Networks for Android devices has been developed it. The PdaNet Mod APK allows users to access restricted websites and bypass restrictions imposed by schools or workplaces. So if you love surfing the web, then this modded version of PdaNet will allow you to do so even when there are restrictions on your wifi connection or while using the mobile data connection on your Android device.

The good thing about this App is that it’s free, so everyone can use it without spending any money! Another great advantage of using this modded version of PdaNet is its ability to let people who live in countries where internet censorship is widespread get around these controls quickly via their phone’s 3G/4G modem connection (if they have one). They could connect their device via a USB or Bluetooth adapter if they don’t have one. Instead, which would work just as well but may be slower than clicking over a 3G/4G modem connection due to its limited bandwidth capabilities compared with mobile network providers like AT&T.

Features of PdaNet Mod APK

PdaNet Mod APK is a must-have app for people who want to use their Android phones as wifi hotspots. This App allows you to create a hotspot using your phone’s data connection and share it with other devices such as laptops, PCs, or tablets. The Direct wifi mode works on Android version 2.3 or higher on all phones and tablets. The USB mode works on all Android smartphones and is similar to the Direct wifi mode, but this one uses an additional device like a PC or laptop with an OTG cable (On-The-Go). Bluetooth mode connects your phone with Windows PCs or Macs via Bluetooth.

Wifi Direct mode

PdaNet also allows you to connect directly to your computer via wifi Direct, which is great for when you’re on the move and want to access files on your computer. This is all done locally, so no hotspots or internet connection is needed. You can share. It is possible to connect two devices wirelessly using an adapter. One of these adapters will cost about $30 and will allow you to create a wireless bridge between two devices that would otherwise be connected by cables (or not at all).

USB mode works on all Android phones

The PdaNet USB mode works seamlessly on all Android phones, Windows computers, Mac computers, and Linux computers. If it also works with Chromebooks, it can! PdaNet USB mode is the first and only solution to connect your Android phone to any computer and use it as a tethered modem. Install the software and connect your device via a USB cable.

Bluetooth mode to connect to Windows

You can use PdaNet to connect your Android phone to Windows. This is useful if you have a router that doesn’t support Bluetooth tethering and want better internet speed than wifi. Install the PdaNet application on both devices, then launch it on one side (either a computer or phone), then hit “Connect” on the other.

Get stable internet speed.

Before using the App, you should ensure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection. This is because the App uses a VPN connection, which will not work correctly if the network is weak or unstable. It’s important to note that many factors can affect your internet connection speed, like distance from your router, the number of people using the network as similarly as you, and what kind of device you’re using (such as a laptop vs. phone). The best thing would be to try out different locations to find one with optimal conditions (e.g., close to the router) before starting the PdaNet APK download process so that when all goes well later on – nothing will go wrong!

Update Regularly

This is regularly updated with new features and fixes, so it’s a good idea to install updates as soon as they’re available. Update regularly to improve your App’s performance, fix bugs, and add new features. If your App is lazy to load or has frequent crashes, it can frustrate users. Regularly installing updates can help improve your App’s performance and fix bugs.

Open restricted websites

PdaNet is a VPN service that allows you to unblock geo-restricted content and browse the internet without restrictions. It’s compatible with all major operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. This App can open blocked websites or applications on your device by launching the PdaNet App from scratch.

Premium Unlocked

Premium Unlocked is the first and only App that permits you to use your Android device as a wifi hotspot. You can then connect other devices through your phone or tablet to share data and access the internet. You can download any app, game, or anything you want at no cost but with the ability to browse freely on mobile data or wifi connections.


There’s a lot to love about PdaNet Mod APK, and it’s worth downloading. With the ability to connect via wifi Direct or USB cable, you can use your Android phone to share an internet connection with any other device that supports the same protocol. The only downside is that the App still has some bugs, but they should be fixed soon enough. This App is perfect if you want a premium experience without paying for it!

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