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App Name Plague Inc.
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Latest Version 1.19.17
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MOD Info Proper/DNA

Are you tired of playing the typical zombie killing games? Want to become a zombie and infect the world? Well, you can do the same in the Plague inc MOD APK. With Plague Inc, you can infect people with the deadly virus of plague and infect the world. It’s a very interesting and intriguing game, which will make it easier to spend your free time. It’s a strategy game, so if you love strategy games, there is nothing better than Plague Inc. it comes with the special strategic mode, which allows you to infect the world by planning. 

Playing Plague Inc Mod APK game is pretty simple. You have to name the plague virus and start from a country to start infecting the world. With the people getting infected and travelling to the other parts of the world with infections, you start to spread the virus. Also, you start to earn DNA points, which are nothing but in-game currency. This helps you mutate the virus, change the symptoms, and manage the virus’s infectibility. This will help you increase the severity of the virus. You can earn extra DNA points by infecting more countries and popping DNA bubbles that appear randomly on the screen. 

It’s an interactive game, which has two modes. The first one is the evil infection mode, and the second is the doctor or cure mode. You can enjoy playing both roles and start infecting or saving the world like a hero. Unfortunately, Plague Inc is just like any other games and has in-game advertisements and in-app purchases. For the free game lovers, it’s nothing but a nuisance. So, they seem to look for Plague Inc Mod APK for some amazing features. We are helping you with the same and will provide the Plague Inc cracked APK download in this post. You’ll find all the information and direct download links for Plague Inc modded APK version. 

What is Plague Inc Mod APK?

Plague Inc is an Android game, which works on the principle of virus infection. With this game, you can create a new variation of the plague virus, which infected the world in 1920. You have the full controls of the virus, and you can infect more and more people in the world with this game. Also, there is the cure mode, in which you will be able to find the cure for the deadly virus and win the game. Both game modes are very fantastic. With the Plague Inc modded APK version, you’ll be able to access more features and enjoy playing the game. 

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Plague Inc Mod APK Features 

Every app can only be successful in the market if they provide best features. below we are mentioning some best features of plague inc. read them and enjoy your amazing app.

Plague Inc Mod APK

Manage Spreadability 

Any kind of infection is useless if it does not spread to people. With the spreadability and infection score, you can manage the infectiousness of the virus. You will have multiple options to increase the severity of the infections. You can choose the virus to be spread by air, spread through meat, spread through blood transmission and many more. To activate each type of infection mode, you have to spend a certain amount of DNA points. Once increasing the infection score, the virus will infect more people globally and spread faster in other countries. 

Plague Inc Mod APK

Manage Symptoms 

Every infection has specific symptoms. With Plague Inc Mod APK, you can manage the infection symptoms. You can change or add new symptoms. You can change the symptoms from muscle ache, vomiting, fever, blood-related issues, or even respiratory infections. The more complicated the symptoms are, the more the death rate will be. Also, it will be harder for the people playing it in the cure mode to cure the disease, but that’s a fun adventure. 

Plague Inc Mod APK

Check Logs and News 

On top of the Plague Inc Modded APK version, you’ll see the news and logs’ ticker. This ticker will show you all the information about your virus. It will show you the news about the virus infections and the countries taking the initiative to find the cure. It’s essential to check the logs and news as it will help you understand the steps taken by countries, and you can mutate the virus to make it more lethal. This feature is very useful while you are playing the game, as constant monitoring of the same will help you make a strategy and win the game. 

Stop the Research 

When you are trying to spread the virus in the game, you have to spot and stop the research institutes from finding the cure. Once the research institutes find the cure for the virus, you’ll automatically lose the game and have to start from the beginning. To prevent the same, you should stop the research, and this feature of the Plague Inc Mod APK will help you do the same. You’ll have to pop the Research bubbles while playing the game to hinder the efforts of finding the cure. The more you create hindrance, the better it’ll be for you to spread the virus and increase the lethality. Also, you can monitor the logs and take proper actions to stop the research by modifying the virus abilities. 

How To Download Plague Inc MOD APK?

Step 1 – Click on Download Button: Click on the download button to visit the download page. where you will be able to download.

Step 2 – Go to Download Page: Once you click on the download button you will be redirected to a download page. You will a direct download link that page. Click on that, your application will start downloading.

Enable Unknown Source: Now go to the phone’s setting and enable the unknown source to install this Plague Inc Mod.

Step 3 – Go to File Manager: Now go to File Manager of your android phone and find a downloaded APK file.

Step 4 – Install Plague Inc MOD: Once you find APK file in your phone tap one that to Install in your device.

Remember – Plague Inc Mod is a third party application. So, to install this application you first need to enable an unknown source. you will be unable to download this app until you enable unknown source.

Plague Inc MOD APK Faqs

Do I have to delete all of my previous progress when I install the Mod APK?

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Is Plague Inc Mod APK the only game on the App Store?

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Download Plague Inc. (MOD, Unlocked All/DNA)

When we have free time or want to escape from reality, we play smartphone games. With interesting games like Plague Inc, you can spend hours immersed in the gameplay. Strategic games are considered the best to bust the stress and enhance your strategic thinking powers. With the Plague Inc Mod APK, you can enhance the gameplay and enjoy spending the time infecting the world with a deadly virus or save the world from the same. In this post, we tried our best to share detailed information about the same. If you face any issues or have doubts about Plague Inc Cracked APK, make sure to drop a comment. 

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