Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 MOD APK v1.4 (Full Game + Mod Menu)

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK

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App Name Poppy Playtime Chapter 2
Package ID com.MOBGames.PoppyMobileChap2
Size 1.1 GB
Latest Version 1.4
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MOD Info Full Game + Mod Menu

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 MOD APK game is incredibly frightening and full of strange situations to make you feel nervous when playing this game. The world has been destroyed by an evil clown named Poppy. You will have to use the GrabPack, a magical backpack that can pick up objects, solve puzzles, and fight monsters. As you progress through chapters of the game, you will unlock more abilities for your GrabPack.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

What is Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 MOD APK?

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 MOD APK is a horror game, an action-adventure game, a puzzle game, a platformer game, and a side-scrolling game. The player takes control of Poppy, who loves to get into trouble. In this installment of Poppy’s Story, you will find yourself in an open-world environment with many items to explore and puzzles to solve. It features an interesting storyline that keeps players engaged throughout its duration. You can also play multiplayer with your friends or family members if they have the same device as yours!

This game is in demand after the success of Poppy Playtime Chapter 1.


You are Poppy, a young girl who has just discovered that she can play with toys. The game starts when Poppy is in a toy factory and eventually meets the same person who had been terrorizing her in the previous game. There’s a lot of exploration in this game as you go around your room and find all sorts of interesting things to do. You also have a backpack that can be used as a weapon. A backpack can be used even just for protection while exploring places outside your room, such as school playground equipment or other parts of town where no adults live.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Features of This Horror Game

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, you’re a factory worker who is sent to work on the assembly line. One day, your boss gives you a new toy called “Poppy.” You are told to take care of this little girl who was made in the factory. You must ensure that she does not get hurt and enjoys her time at work with you! You start by exploring the frightful world of toys and machines and solving puzzles.


The game has been designed so players can experience many different emotions, such as confusion, fear, and shock, from time to time throughout their journey through this survival horror game! Unlock unlimited coins, energy, and other premium features! Get your hands on the superb weapons and outfits in the game. Unlock all chapters, weapons, and outfits in this one-time purchase.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Full Game Unlocked

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 game is fully unlocked! So you can play all the levels, get all the achievements, and try out all the fun power-ups and characters. In addition, you will not see any ads or be interrupted by in-app purchases.

Ads Free

Poppy Playtime 2 is a great game with many levels. You can see all the levels you have already completed and those that remain uncompleted at any time, in addition to the progress of each level. The graphics are very well done, especially for an Android game. It also works even on weak devices! If you’re looking for a new challenge, this one will fit your taste perfectly! You’ll enjoy yourself as much as possible while playing this fantastic game!

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2

Freeze Enemy

The GrabPack is a tool that you can use to freeze an enemy. Once frozen, you can grab the enemy and throw it. You can also use this tool to grab items and enemies. You can use Grab packs to pick up items and enemies or grab objects and enemies.


Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 mod apk features the ability to freeze your enemies, unlock premium features, and ads free. With these features, you can explore the ruins of a toy factory using a backpack with a magic hand, “GrabPack.”

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