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In today’s era, everyone likes to play with pets, it is also a pleasure to take care of them. As everyone must have known about the My Talking Tom game, how popular he had become, how much love was given to him by everyone. People became very attached to him and used to play with Talking Tom. By the way, many pet games will be available to you on the internet and you can enjoy by downloading them. So if you still like to play such pet games, then today we have brought for you a pet game whose name is POU apk. This is such a pet animal that does not exist in real. Poo is the name of a pet animal which is in the shape of Poo.


Pou is a pet animal that you keep. In this game you have to take care of your pet animal, feed it, bathe, and play. This game is developed by Zakeh. Millions of people are playing this game. But in today’s time no one has been able to take care of the animal so much. But in this game, you can feed your pet animal a little bit, feed different types of food like cakes, biscuits, fries, cookies and much more. Apart from this, you can also give potions to your pet animal, which makes it strong and powerful. In today’s era, it is not so easy to take care of pet animals, one has to take great care of them. It takes a lot of time and effort to take care of animals.

In today’s era, there are many animals that you can raise and take care of them. Billions are people who have pet animals at home, such as cats, hamsters, and even snacks. There are many animals around the world that you can make your pet animal. The most important thing is how much you are taking care of your pet animal. Taking care of their mental health is also very important. And Pau is a virtual animal with which you can enjoy. Pou has a real character in this game. It is an alien looking animal which is very cute, its shape is exactly like a potato. It has round fat body. Pau very innocent and cute pet animal that you will surely fall in love with.

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FeaturesPOU Mod APK

Just like there are real pets, Pou is a virtual pet animal which is very cute. He wants you to give him sympathy and take care. Pou is an animal like all other normal animals. To grow, he needs to eat. You can’t keep him hungry. And Pau eats very good snacks in food like snacks, Pizza, Hamburger, cake, fruit and nutfruit and many more. And most of all he likes sweets in food. Let us know about some of its features.


A Unique Pet

In today’s era, everyone has pets animals at their homes, which they keep. And take care of your pets at your home. By raising pets, people can spend time with animals or play with them in their troubled and tough time. And we also have the responsibility to take care of ourselves, take care of them physically as well as mentally. Till date you have never seen such a cute pet animal. This animal is just like normal animals, which takes a shower first, after that you have to feed it. You can do a lot of activities with her and play with Pou.


Feed and Battle

Just as every human has a need, so too does animals. These are animals, so they also need to eat and drink to stay alive. You have to feed your stomach animal with full stomach food, you can feed it if you have it available. Such as fries, veggies, cakes, cookies, and many more types of foods. You also have to bathe your animal so that it remains a neat and a clean. By doing this, your Pou is also happy and also plays with you.


New Looks of Pou

You can also keep the cool looks of your pet animal like the stylish trendy looks that are trending. You can also wear fashion accessories like clothes, jewellery, hats, glasses and high heels etc. In this game you will not need to get things unlocked. Along with this, you can also change the wallpaper of Pou’s room. And can also change the color of his skin. And when the skin of the pau becomes dirty, then you can get it bathed with soap, which will clean it. Pou will become happy and excited too.

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Download Pou Mod APK

Pou will come to you by playing the game. This is very exciting and interesting game. Where you have to take care of pet animal poo with your cute and feed it. Pau is a small cute little potato shaped animal which is quite innocent. Your Responsibility Take care of him, feed him, and play with him. He is very happy doing this. You will also get a lot of fun and enjoyment by playing this game. If you have this game till now, then download it immediately and enjoy.

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