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App Name Rise of Eros
Package ID com.pinkcore.heros
Size 137.4 MB
Latest Version 2.6.100
MOD Info Full Game

Rise of Eros is a free mobile game you can play with friends across the globe. It has a unique character system that allows you to create your character and battle against other players. You can also unlock all relics and characters using the Rise of Eros APK. This game is enjoyable, but there are some issues that I hope they fix in the next update. The first one is the lag in battles. It takes too long to load, and when you attack or get hit by your opponent, it takes forever for them to react. The second issue is that you cannot play with your friends on different devices.

Rise of Eros

About Rise of Eros APK

Rise of Eros APK is a game based on Greek mythology. The game is an RPG game with many characters, items, and battles. This game has a main character you must control to win the battles and pass through all levels of this adventure. You also have three easy modes to play: campaign mode, where you can play alone or with friends. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with players online. And endless way where you continue playing until your character dies). There’s always something new to do in Rise of Eros; there are more than 40 levels with different landscapes and enemies, so it will take some time before getting bored! If you like adventure games like this one, don’t hesitate any longer because it’s free right now, thanks to our team, who worked hard to make these files available for everyone today!

Features of Rise of Eros

It’s an RPG game where you play as a commander, commanding troops from various factions into battle against enemies on the field, with your goal being to destroy them all before they kill you or take over your territory! You will collect resources by mining them or killing enemies so that they drop them when they die; these resources then allow you to recruit more troops by paying gold coins (or crystals if playing on mobile). Your main goal will always be trying not only to survive but also to remain competitive at all times while making sure that your group members stay alive as well, since losing one could cost everything else later down the road!

Rise of Eros

Amazing Character System

It is a role-playing game focusing on character development and growth. The main character, Ryu, is your average Japanese schoolboy who’s been suddenly granted powers to become the savior of life on Earth. Your mission is to protect humanity from impending destruction by stopping an alien invasion before it happens.

Different Game Modes

This game has three modes: story mode, arcade mode, and survival mode. In story mode, you can play the whole game all the way through. It’s recommended that you play it at least once to get a feel for how things work since there are some unique gameplay mechanics in this version of Rise of Eros that you won’t find anywhere else. Arcade mode is just like playing an arcade game – except instead of playing with quarters or tokens; now it’s just virtual coins!

Just choose which difficulty setting works best for your skill level, then start earning those coins by defeating enemies one by one until either time runs out or their health reaches zero – whichever comes first! Survival Mode is similar in concept but focuses more on defense than offense, which makes sense, considering its name would imply otherwise. Its design is based on MOBAs such as League Of Legends rather than traditional FPS games like Call Of Duty or Battlefield, so don’t let these differences fool you into thinking otherwise!

Dream Crystals

The Rise of Eros helps you to get dream crystals. You can easily have dream crystals by using the apk. Dream crystals are the currency for in-app purchases, and you need to spend it to get new characters, skins, and many more, which will improve your game experience. So, if you want to save money and avoid spending real money, use this apk.

Rise of Eros

Unlock All Relics

To unlock all relics, you need Dream Crystals. Dream Crystals are used for unlocking relics. You can get Dream Crystals by completing the game and getting to the end or buying it from the shop using gold coins. Gold Coins are another currency in Rise of Eros that you can use to purchase relics or items from shops. Gold Coins are obtained by completing missions and quests in Rise of Eros. It would be best to remember that some quests only require you to complete a particular task before they become available. So check out all your options before deciding which one to pick up first!

Unlock All Character

This gives you a chance to unlock all characters in one go. You’ll be able to play as every character in the game with this ! The only downside is that this option will cost you 12,000 gold coins which can take a while to earn. Suppose you want to spend only some of your hard-earned money on unlocking characters. Then, you might be better off using the cheat code below instead.

Rise of Eros

Addictive Gameplay.

The gameplay is divided into five sections: tutorial, story mode, a battle mode, dream mode, and dream challenge. The tutorial is a simple, easy-to-understand introduction that teaches gameplay basics. It also provides information about heroes and their abilities. In addition, it shows you some tips on how they can be combined to form powerful combos. The tutorial will teach you how to control your character during battle. And give some helpful advice on how best to use them to achieve victory over enemies.


As we told you above, it is an excellent game with many potential and exciting features. You can play it on all devices. The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, so you can easily invite friends to join in on the fun! It’s also important to note that this game is free-to-play. So if you’re looking for something new to play, look no further than Rise of Eros APK! I hope you will definitely like this game.

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