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Royal Match MOD APK v22168 (Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins)

Royal Match APK

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App Name Royal Match
Package ID com.dreamgames.royalmatch
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Latest Version 22168
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MOD Info Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins

Royal Match MOD APK is an addictive and fun match 3 puzzle game. Swap and match 3 or more same candies to crush in blast mania! With dozens of challenging levels, you can enjoy this game for hours! Join the match 3 puzzle adventure, and let’s start a journey to destroy all candies on the board. Your mission is to clear all candies in each level by matching at least three of them together.

Royal Match

About Royal Match MOD APK?

Royal Match MOD APK is an addictive and fun match 3 puzzle game. Swap and match 3 or more same candies to crush in blast mania! By swiping candies on a 6×7 grid, you can set precise levels. Make unique combinations of 4 or more same-colored sweets to create a column or line blast that makes all candies within it disappear from the screen.

Top up your score by collecting bonuses along your path and use power-ups during each level before you run out of moves! Use the power of magic gems to create precious items of jewelry. Sell them to your customers all around the world and become rich! Many quests are waiting for you, so if you like challenging games, don’t miss them! New exciting gameplay will give you more fun and joy than ever before.

Features of the Royal Match MOD APK

You can check out some of the amazing features of this game. Here are all the features –

Royal Match MOD APK


The gameplay of Royal Match is straightforward. Each level has a time and score goal. You must match three or more of the same sweets to crush the candies and gain points to crush the candies and gain points. You will also get bonus points if you match 4 candies or more at once. You can buy jewels from your store to create precious jewelry items by mounting magic gems. Sell them to your customers all around the world! By selling these, you can use your money to upgrade your store so customers can buy more goods!

Many quests are waiting

Quests are the primary way you will play Royal Match. You can earn rewards by completing quests and progressing through the game. There are two types of quests: Daily Quests and Daily Challenges. Daily Quests will always be available to you daily. They can check it by tapping on the quest tab at the bottom of your screen.

Download Royal Match MOD APK

As part of these quests, you must perform specific tasks such as clearing stages, defeating monsters, or collecting specific items to earn rewards like gold coins or EXP cards that give you experience points (EXPs). Daily Challenges change every day and provide an opportunity for even more rewards than usual! To access this feature, tap “Challenges” from the menu within Royal Match and select a challenge that has been unlocked for today’s date. There’s no limit to how many challenges you can do each day!

New exciting gameplay

We have added additional gameplay to make the game more fun. We have also added new levels, quests, extra boosters, and bonuses. The game has been updated with new exciting features that will make you want to play again and again!

Hundreds of unique levels

Royal Match is a fun and challenging puzzle game where you have to match up the same-colored gems. Scores are based on how many gems you match. There are hundreds of different levels, each with unique challenges and goals. It’ll take patience and skill to master all of them!

Royal Match

Powerful boosters and bonuses.

There are many types of power-ups in Royal Match, including:

  • Gems
  • Coins

The game also provides various bonuses that can help you win more games. These include:

Sweet graphics and effects

You will be able to enjoy the sweet graphics and effects of Royal Match. As you might expect, the graphics align with the game’s theme: royal, regal, and fancy-schmancy. They’re not overdone like some other games you may have encountered (I’m looking at you, Candy Crush). There’s nothing worse than getting invested in a game only to find out that it won’t let you play because it’s too busy making fools of its players with excessive visuals.

100% ad-free

You may be surprised to learn that Royal Match is 100% ad-free. No pop-ups, no ads in the game, and no nudges to try our other games. We believe ads are distracting and annoying, so we decided to make Royal Match without them. In this game, there are no in-app purchases. This means that you won’t have to worry about paying money for more lives or coins because everything is included with your purchase of the full version of Royal Match!

No time limits.

While playing Royal Match, there are no time limits and ads. There’s no need to buy anything extra within the game itself, so you can play it as long as you like without interruption. You can turn off your internet connection while playing this game so you will not get distracted from your match!

Royal Match

Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins

There are no limits to the number of boosters, stars, coins, or power-ups that you can earn in Royal Match. You can play as long as you want and never run out! Achievements There are over 50 achievements in Royal Match, many of which award you with coins and star points when you unlock them.

Challenge your friends on Facebook

To challenge your friends on Facebook, tap on the Friends button. Then, select the Facebook friends that you want to play with and tap on Play. The Leaderboards are where you can see how well you’re doing compared to other players worldwide. You can also check out the highest scores and share your high score with your friends!

Decorate Everything

Decorate the areas, including the King’s room, kitchen, garden, garage, and many other amazing rooms! You can decorate the rooms with different furniture and decorations from your inventory or buy them from ‘Royal Shop.’ Also, you can decorate the garden with different plants and flowers (you can even build a small pond). You can also decorate the garage with cars or bikes of your choice. And for those who love to cook, we have prepared a special surprise for you – an exotic kitchen full of cooking utensils and food ingredients!


The royal match mod apk is a great game for all those who love to decorate and build things. You will be able to design rooms, gardens, garages, and more! The game is simple but fun – you can play it whenever you have time. The game is colorful and has a great soundtrack, making it even more interesting. You can easily build your castle and decorate it with furniture, plants, and other items. Many different rooms are available for decoration – so you will never get bored!


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