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Nowadays, everyone is worried about data security and management because it’s said that data is the new oil of this generation. If you’re the type of person who has lots of files stored on the smartphone and requires tons of effort, you should install a solid explorer pro apk.

Created by famous developers, NeatBytes solid explorer pro is the type of application that can easily manage files. Managing folders, creating new ones and editing the old ones, shifting the data folders become quite easier with this app. Even if you’re using any premium version of the data management application, try to ditch it for the solid explorer pro, and you won’t regret it.

Today’s world demands you to organise for the betterment of yourself and those who depend upon you. So whether you’re working in an office or managing your workflow, you must be dealing with tons of great data files. Using a smartphone is quite useful when you’ve got an application like a solid explorer pro apk. Because managing so many folders and other types of files do not bring any headache to you. There are no user restrictions because you can manage every type of file, whether it’s images, videos, text audio, etc. 

The main thing about using solid explorer pro is that you will realize how different this app is from others. Even though many similar applications are available on the play store and other places, this application is unique and useful in many ways. The function of scientifically managing every data file is quite good, and you don’t have to worry about losing important things. There is no limit on how much you can create the folders and edit them because the pro version is built for such heavy usage.

Solid Explorer Pro APK

Many people don’t know that the solid explorer’s pro version comes with all the premium features that the standard version fails to provide. Whether it’s the user interface, design, unlimited usage, and many other things, you won’t find any single issue while using this application.

In this category, many applications are trying to target an audience with similar quality. However, they have failed to do the same if we compare it with solid explorer pro. Managing folders and data files is quite important when everything is nowadays managed either on the computer or smartphone. 

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Features Of Solid Explorer Pro APK

Here are the app’s top features that will help you use it to the fullest capacity and utilize it further.

Solid Explorer Pro APK

Manage Various Types Of Files

Whether you’re working online for the company or just for your own business, you will have to deal with tons of files. Nowadays, everything has become quite online, and we all have the essential data files that we want to manage efficiently. Whether it’s a folder containing images, texts, audio clips, or videos, you can manage everything in one place. Usually, people worry about folder management because they don’t know how to use the app perfectly. However, that’s not going to be the issue with solid explorer pro, and you can manage everything.

Solid Explorer Pro MOD APK

Great User Interface

I’ve used tons of data management applications on the smartphone; the main problem was the user interface. Developers behind solid explorer pro manage to capture that point perfectly, and they made the app quite simple yet effective. If you’re using it for the first time, don’t worry because you won’t have any issues managing it. Things are quite simple; whether it’s creating a new folder, editing the folders, pasting, etc., everything is manageable under one place. The Interface is divided into two parts; each will have a window. It will allow you to drag and drop any folder easily, and that’s why using it is quite fun.

Solid Explorer MOD APK

Supports Cloud Storage

Whether you want to connect the solid explorer with any of the online data storage accounts, do that without facing any problems. The app is made to support the cloud storage platforms like Google drive, dropbox, one drive, etc. Integrating the folder management application with online cloud storage platforms gives you more options to save the data files. You don’t have to install various applications if you’ve got multiple cloud accounts. Because this app allows you to connect with multiple cloud platforms. Whether it’s extracting zip files from various formats, archiving old ones, this application supports everything. It can be done with cloud storage also.

Data Protection Is Prioritised

Data privacy is quite important, and if you’ve got quite important and essential data files that you want to protect from harm, this app is made for you. Solid explorer pro can help you lock certain folders with passwords, hide the files and use the fingerprint to protect everything. So unless you permit others to see, edit data folders, they can’t do that. The option of connecting with a Google Chromecast device is also made available. So if you want to stream some movies or important projects on the big screen, use this option to stream.

Customizing The Interface

If you’re not satisfied with the default settings that the application offers to you, then change them accordingly. You can edit and use multiple themes, add icons and palettes also. Customizing is quite helpful because you can make useful changes and increase productivity also.

Download Solid Explorer File Manager

So this is how you can use the solid explorer pro apk in the most efficient ways. Usually, we have to rely on tons of other applications for managing various data files, but that’s not the case with this app. You can do multiple things under one place and nothing about data loss or similar things. Developers are working quite hard to make it user-friendly, and they are releasing updates regularly. So if you’ve got any issues or doubts while using the app, leave a comment below. Because we will be glad to fix any technical problem arising while using this app on a smartphone.

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