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Stickfight Archer MOD APK v1.62 (Unlimited Money)

Stickfight Archer APK

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App Name Stickfight Archer
Package ID com.skygo.stickfightarcher
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Latest Version 1.62
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MOD Info Unlimited Money

Stickman Master Archer MOD APK is a shooting game; the main character is a Stickman with a bow and arrow; you can choose different ways to play and stickman skins. After completing each level, many kinds of bubbles, hands, and enemies will appear in front of you. It would be best if you shot at all the arrows on time, or you will lose your life point in time. The hand can be discharged to change direction in the air once it is released! There are different types of bows and arrows that you can choose from. The stickman skins can be changed by tapping the menu button at the bottom left corner of the screen. There are many achievements to unlock in this game; try to get all of them!

Stickman Master Archer APK

Stickman Master Archer is an action-packed game for Android devices with 2D side-scrolling shooting gameplay. It would be best to use your bow and arrows to shoot enemies. There are 4 enemies: Rock, Fireball, Ice, and Magician. The rock type takes more damage from the bow but moves slowly; fireballs take less damage from arrows but move faster than rocks; ice freezes you when touched. So it’s best to avoid them at all costs; magicians can shoot magic spells at you, causing damage if they hit, or drop potions that help restore health or give additional armor! The game features a campaign mode where you have to complete various missions like collecting gold coins which can be used to buy gear upgrades to stay alive longer. A crafting system also allows players to create unique items such as healing potions or super armor!


Stickman Master Archer APK has many features that make it the best archery game for Android. It boasts realistic bow and arrow controls, an in-depth sports career mode, realistic graphics, sound effects, and even online multiplayer on Wi-Fi. The game has many customization options for your character, so you can get as creative as you like when playing Stickman Master Archer. Add more arrows to your inventory if anything could be improved in this game (and there isn’t). But overall, Stickman Master Archer is worth checking out if you’re looking for a new archery game on your phone or tablet!

Drag and drop to shoot arrows

Once you get used to the controls and pick up a few tips, you can start shooting arrows. Drag and drop the bowstring on your target (arrows are automatically drawn in front of it) and release. There are many ways to customize your hands to make things more interesting. Collect gems after defeating enemies and use them to upgrade your weapons. You can also equip them with different types of feathers or string for better performance!

Simple but addictive gameplay

Stickman Master Archer is simple but addictive gameplay. You have to shoot arrows at the target. Shoot as many hands as possible, get a high score and share it with your friends! By using intuitive controls and fantastic 3D graphics, Stickman Master Archer will give you an authentic experience of archery in this modern world.

Campaign mode with 75 levels

The Campaign mode has 75 levels to solve and defeat enemies. This game has a variety of weapons, outfits, and jewels that can be crafted. You can also play this game with your friend in a two-player local mode. The Campaign mode has 75 levels to solve and defeat enemies. This game has a variety of weapons, outfits, and jewels that can be crafted. You can also play this game with your friend in a two-player local mode.

Crafting weapons, outfits, and jewels

The crafting system in this game is straightforward. You need to have the required materials, and you can craft weapons, outfits, and jewels. You can get materials by completing levels or purchasing them via the in-app purchase store. The main problem with this game is the in-app purchase store. Spending money on it is tempting, but you can get all the materials you need without spending any real money.

Two-players local mode

When you play Stickman Master Archer, you can enjoy the game with your friends, family, or even your loved ones. So, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and want to spend some time with them playing this fun game, then we have good news for you! The game has a two-players local mode where both of you can play together against each other on the same device.

Awesome graphics

In the game, you will encounter various interesting characters and scenes. The stunning graphics can make you feel like you’re in a real-life movie. The lighting effects are excellent. You will also love the fantastic background music, which makes you want to play it for hours at a time! The sound effects are also significant: when your arrow hits an enemy or some other object in the environment, there’s an explosion noise; if your stickman misses his target completely, he’ll grunt loudly in frustration; this adds so much more realism to the game experience!

Unlimited Money

This section will give you the best ways to get unlimited money in Stickman Master Archer. In this game, you can buy a lot of things with cash. The most expensive thing is a new character which costs $10. You can use your unlimited money to buy any available items in the store or upgrade your character’s abilities. You can also use them to complete missions and unlock new levels faster.


With its beautiful graphics and high-quality gameplay, Stickman Master Archer MOD APK is sure to be a hit with fans of archery games. The game has plenty of different levels and different objectives to achieve at each stage, which means it will keep players engaged for hours. If you like stickman games, this is a suitable game for you. It has beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

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