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App Name Teaching Feeling
Package ID com.himikos.hentai.game.teachingfeeling.dev
Size 544.3 MB
Latest Version 3.0.22
MOD Info No

One of the best things about using a smartphone is that you will be able to stumble upon various types of games, and you have plenty of options. However, when it comes to dating games, teaching feeling is the app that you need to have on your smartphone. Teaching feeling apk lets you download various items and enables the most exciting parts of the game also. Many people have asked us about how the game functions, and we decided to make a detailed post giving them all the necessary details about this fantastic game.

In a teaching feeling game, you will stumble upon a beautiful girl who will lead your game and give you various options to see girls/boys. You will have to impress her to go ahead to the next level of the game. Usually, we don’t make eye contact with girls or boys in real life and are just shy about asking a number from their crush. However, teaching feeling is the type of game that will help you to train yourself with all of those things. The UI of this game is made so that the beautiful girls will fall in love with your character.

The option of customizing the character makes it more usable than other dating games; usually, what we see in a typical dating game is that you will have to purchase lots of things to impress girls. However, this apk version of teaching feeling is made so that the developers have already enabled you with lots of free options. The game is based upon a novel, so the story going to run in this game is somehow quite intriguing and fascinating to play. Very few people can manage to the end of the level because the game gets somewhat nasty and enjoyable upto different levels.

Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling Apk

This game’s story revolves around the main girl named Sylvie, whom you have to impress to get ahead of the game. You can see various things happen to her in the game by the antagonist, and you will also have to give her some protection. The game revolves around the game’s main girl, which opens various doors and lets you interact with other game characters.

Since the game is based upon novel based characters, you will see how amazing the game gets at the next stage. As a protagonist, you will be able to impress lots of characters, and it’s quite fun to enjoy the virtual dating type of things. Before you download the game, we would like you to know what different features teaching feeling apk offers to you.

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Features Of Teaching Feeling APK

Teaching Feeling APK

Even though you might have now known what this game is basically about, here are the key features of this game you need to know before installing it into your smartphone.

Based Upon A Novel

Every character you will see in this game is based upon the novel, which is the main reason why so many users love to interact with every character. You will see different types of girls, boys roaming around the game performing their tasks, and each of them has a definite purpose.

New Things At New Level

The game moves from the previous level and gives you more options to play with each character than you did earlier. Every gamer has a different opinion about the game, but the most common one we found was that almost everyone liked the story at a different level.

Simple UI

The UI of the teaching feeling apk makes it different and unique from all other games. You will see how great it’s to see a beautiful girl in this game, and it gives you a feeling of the real world as well. Many people have informed me that they spent more than anticipated time while playing this fantastic game. Usually, games like these are based upon some low essential UI, but that did not happen with teaching feeling.

Convince Girls For Romance

You can impress the leading character of the game with different things and even ask for a date. It will help you train with virtual dating making you a good dating guy in your real-world crush.

2D Graphic

The 2D Graphic is what makes it more interesting than any other dating games. Because not every game offers you so much high quality 2D graphic qualities. People usually forget how much different it looks like to play this game on a smartphone that doesn’t have many high-end features, yet it smoothly runs.

Multiple Language

The game features more than one Language giving you more options to interact with the characters. Usually, people like to use the Language they feel the most familiar with, and there will be no teaching feeling game issues.

Free To Use

There are no subscription fees which you need to pay for using this game. The developers of teaching feeling made it user friendly by adding no-cost access to all the features. However, you can buy the things listed on the game to impress the girls, and for that, you might have to spend a little money. We would advise you not to do anything because the free version of this game is sufficient.

How To Download and Install Teaching Feeling APK?

You should read this section carefully because you came here to download this apk in your phone and in this section I explain the way to download and install Teaching Feeling APK.

Step 1 – Click on Download Button: This is pretty simple. just click on the download button and it will redirect you to download page.

Step 2 – Go to Direct Link: You will find the Teaching Feeling APK Download Link there. Click on that. Once you click your apk will start downloading. In a few minutes depending on your internet speed your Teaching Feeling will be in your phone.

Enable Unknown Sources to install apps. Now to install this Teaching Feeling APK, go to setting and enable unknown sources.

Step 4 – Go to File Manager: Once you enable go to the file manager in your phone and find the APK file.

Step 5 – Install: Tap on APK File to Install.

Teaching Feeling APK Faqs

Is Teaching Feeling APK a App?

Yes it is Original App and App.

Can Teaching Feeling APK be downloaded to PC?

Yes, you can download and play this game on PC using Android Emulator.

How much does it cost to play Teaching Feeling Game?

You can download and install this game from APKResult for absolutely free. You will get it absolutely free.


These are all the necessary things you need to consider before installing the fantastic Teaching feeling apk on your mobile phone. People usually don’t give much credit to the virtual world for how much they entertain us and make our real-life dreams come true. This game also gives you a somewhat similar feeling because you can interact with different girls and make them go on a date with you.

This game’s romantic story is based upon the novel, so you will not get bored quite quickly with this game. There is no need to pay for anything while installing the game, click on the start, and you will be entered into the different virtual reality world. However, if you have any questions or doubts related to Teaching Feeling APK, then leave a comment down below.

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