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Tekken 5 MOD APK v1.3.13 (Characters Unlocked)

Tekken 5 APK

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App Name Tekken 5
Size 38 MB
Latest Version 1.3.13
MOD Info Characters Unlocked

We played lots of fighting games on PC. These types of games are exciting, thrilling, and intense to play. For that reason, several fighting games were developed for Windows and IOS. Tekken 5 APK is one of those games that drive most attractions. Iconic characters, unique moves, training sessions, considerable fighting skills, etc are the tasks that users can play. Officially this game was developed for PCs. But now it is available for mobile version (android). After being launched, this game went viral within a short period. Suppose you are aware of or want to play a dedicated fighting game check this out. 

Tekken 5 APK Download?

Tekken 5 APK is a fighting game known for moves, characters, graphics, and controls. As you compete and win matches, the character’s advancement to the next level. Alex, angel, armor king, Asuka Kazama etc are some famous characters in this game. Each person has a unique style of fighting. Users can choose their player and rival to battle. Different skills allow you to perform exceptional moves for certain characters. Graphics and controls are the most demanding feature in this game. Developers create a unique Japanese-style fighting “environment” to bring a thrill. You can’t get bored by playing this fantastic game. 

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Multiple Characters

Iconic characters play an essential role in the popularity of Tekken 5 APK. The game includes multiple players with different and unique skills of fighting. Few characters have super smash ability, while some are good at kicks or slaps.

Quick Motions and movements

Fighting requires punch, kick, bicycle, spinning, and other movements. Developers design and advanced motion facilities. So that you can enjoy realistic fighting scenes every time. 

Simple controls

Fighting conduct by controls. Each movement can operate by your fingertips. You can spin, kick, slap, smash, jump or punch anytime during the battle. The controls are easy to use and the movements are more realistic than other games. Lastly, the controls are straightforward, so beginners can efficiently operate their characters. 

Advanced graphics

Without excellent graphics, you can’t be satisfied with games. For that, developers design unique graphics with a traditional Japanese environment. Music, sounds, movements, and audio are high quality. It gives you a real-life battle experience at your fingertips. 

Collect points

You earn points if you are a skillful gamer and continuously hit your opponent without getting. These coins unlock lifelines and extra health to add to your character. That’s how you can increase the chance of getting a win for the next match. 

Training Modes

Before entering the battle, learn or sharpen your moves. Tekken 5 APK provides a different section to train your skill. That’s how you can learn new moves and abilities to defeat your next opponent. However, it is crucial to identify your character potential before a match. So you can practice these skills in training sessions. 

Bring friends to fight.

Playing with friends or families is more exciting. Tekken 5 APK allows users to bring their friends to compete with duo rivals. Both of you fight against your opponent and defeat their powerful bond. This feature makes the gameplay more exciting and thrilling. So bring your teammate and win every match by cooperating. 

Tekken 5 Game Download

Tekken 5 apk is undoubtedly the best fighting game in the market. This game has everything from special characters to excellent battling styles. Simple controls and quick movements give you a thrill in every battle. Besides, the game has high-quality graphics to offer a real-life experience. This game is available in the play store with maximum positive reviews. 

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