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App Name X Launcher Pro APK
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Latest Version 3.4.4
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Android users know how the default user interface would feel, especially if they use phones made by companies like Oppo, Mi, etc. The user interface is quite drastically worse. If you want to make some changes to your phone and feel like owning an iPhone, download the X launcher pro apk immediately.

X launcher pro version is the type of application that is made to help android users convert their phone’s interface into more interesting and more likely like iPhone. I know that the battle between the android and iPhone is never-ending; it’s like the orange vs. apple, but let’s admit it, the iPhone has a better user interface design than the majority of the android phones on the market. I have hushed both the smartphone and when it comes to UI, design etc., my preference has always been gone to the iPhone. The reason is obvious: you will get the most minimalistic and useful design which you would ever use. 

X launcher is the type of application that is made to help android users customize their phones its the most efficient manner. There is a huge difference between using an android smartphone and iPhone; the latter comes with a hefty price for sure, but with features and tools wise, you will feel quite different when using an iPhone. The developers behind x launcher wanted to create an application that would help them make the best use of their own smartphones. If you have not used the x launcher, you are missing quite the biggest source of fun for sure. Because You can prank your friends who have never heard about it and make them believe that this is the iPhone I did with my friends, and I had a great laugh about it. 

What is X Launcher Pro APK?

X launcher pro version comes with specific features and tools that will help users focus on maximizing the user interface of the smartphone they are using. If you have owned an Android smartphone for a long time, then what you need the most is to focus on using different types of the launcher to get more experience with it. Here you can get your hands on how the iOS 13 design looks on the iPhone and what makes it more interesting and useful. The ios 13 design has been a crucial part of the company’s success in getting sold the number of units so quickly.

Here you can customize the theme, background color, widget, and many other things easily. You can customize the wallpaper settings and convert your android smartphone into the newly bought iPhone. Many people have compared the launcher with the iPhone and found that the resemblance is uncanny; you literally will not be able to tell how much the UI design looks so great and similar. So if you are tired of using the same android stock UI design type, try out X launcher for once.

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What Are The Features Of X Launcher Pro APK?

Here are the key features of the x launcher pro version that you would love to use once the app is installed on the phone. 

x launcher pro apk

Get The New User Experience

Very android users who have never used an iPhone before will actually like this launcher. Because it gives you a chance to make your android smartphone look exactly like an iPhone. There are many benefits for such things because if an iPhone user has newly shifted to android, they can use this application to make the changes and adjustments with the recently bought smartphone. 

x launcher pro apk

Multiple Themes For Selection

It would be quite boring and unusual if you don’t get lots of options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best theme for your smartphone. The developers have added hundreds of newly designed themes under this launcher. Themes make your smartphone look more classy and fancier. The themes uploaded under this launcher are related to the iPhone, so you have to choose those situations accordingly and make further changes. You can customize these themes based upon the icons, color, styles, etc and make them look more beautiful. If you have never used this launcher before, then you will be surprised by so many great themes a daily iPhone user gets to use. 

Use Latest Wallpapers

Want to become more productive and use the smartphone in the best possible way? Then start doing that by setting up the wallpaper of your smartphone correctly. You can choose to set up your smartphone’s wallpaper by using the default option or choose your own storage folders. The wallpapers will be adjusted according to the smartphone’s screen size, and you can even further edit them to look perfect with the screen’s background image. There are hundreds of pre-installed wallpapers available for the users you would like to use, which is what everyone needs. 

x launcher pro apk

App Manager

The app manager is also going to change once you use the x launcher on your smartphone. You can get to see how the iPhone’s app manager looks, just that you cannot use the default iPhone tires such as iCloud Photos, iCloud music, etc. However, in terms of the user interface, your smartphone would be converted into the iPhone’s app manager, and that’s what everyone needs. Very few people know how to use this launcher more perfectly, and if you are one of those lucky users, consider yourself a lucky one.

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Download X Launcher Pro APK

So these are the various reasons why you should install x launcher pro apk on the smartphone. Very few applications exist on the smartphone that will let you customize it in the required or desired way, and fortunately, x launcher tops that category. The developers have made lots of changes to other applications in the recent few updates. You can get to see lots of themes, wallpapers, styles, icons, and many other things. Android users can always shift to their normal or default UI by just turning the application off, and that’s that much easier. So if you liked the application, let us know what features you liked the most about it and whether you would recommend it to your friends or not. 

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