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Do not miss any moment capturing when you can do it with Google Camera APK. This app will make your clicks more stunning than any other photography app.

In today’s era, every person has an Android phone. And, of course, when you have a phone, it will also have a camera. Nowadays, everyone is very fond of taking selfies, clicking photos, and making videos. Today we have brought you Google Photo Camera which is the best application for you, which is special for smartphones. It is also very beautiful and it has quite a lot of features.

Every smartphone has a camera, but its quality is small and there are a lot of drawbacks too. But if you compare this camera with the dedicated camera, then there is nothing special. When you download this application on your android phone, it will give you a professional look. Google develops Google Camera. This is a very special application for clicking photos. You can take advantage of it.

Google Camera Mod APK

Google Camera is a very amazing camera which has been made with modern technology. In which you have been given high algorithm quality from Google. You can trust this. You can click Fantastic Pictures with Google Camera. By applying its HDR mode, you can shoot amazing photos, which will bring great photos. Can do amazing video stabilization. You make any video and if it shakes then the video gets spoiled. But with Google Camera, your video will be perfect, in which there will be no issues.

If you are using the original camera of your phone, then you will not like it at all, when you click any picture from it, then its pixels get exploded but it does not happen with Google Camera, you can click the photo from any distance. The pixels of the photo do not deteriorate when zoomed in. With the help of this you can also create slow-motion videos. If you want, you can also turn off the shutter button of the camera, so that there will be no sound when you click back. You can also use many effects in this. Apart from that, you also get a lot of fantastic features which are very helpful for you.


If you use the camera of any phone or download and install any camera application, then you get a lot of features in it but you cannot do them because they are premium and you have to pay for them. But you do not need to get anything in Google Camera because all the premium features of this application are available to you for free. So let’s know about those features given below.

Google Camera APK

HDR+ with Exposure and White Balance Controls

If you use any camera, then it does not have portrait mode. But you get portrait mode in Google Camera doing it. Google Camera automatically applies beauty effects. And it makes your photo very beautiful, smooth, and attractive. If you take photos from the portrait mode of this camera, then you will find it very wonderful. With that, you can also remove fonts in the photo, this feature will prove to be beneficial for you and you will also like it a lot.

Google Camera APK

Night Sight Astrophotography

With this camera, you also get the function of night photography. This is a very good advantage, which is currently the feature most liked by the users. Most young people like this feature very much. If you want to click the photo at the night, then put your phone on a tripod or on the table and set the camera, after that when you click the photo from night mode. Then you will see how many natural, deep, and clear skies you will see in the photo. With the help of this function, you can click very clear photos even at night.

Google Camera APK

Motion Mode

Google Camera is not only used for clicking photos, it can also be used to record videos. While making a video, you can also shoot motion mode, effects, slow motion, or time-lapse video in it. To record video with this camera, you have to long press on the option to make a video until you want to record the video. When your video is complete, you must remove your hands from that option. This application is a specialized app for clicking photos. In which you also get many great features, and you can do them easily.

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Download Google Camera APK

So we told you all about Google Camera. In this, you are provided with all the functions which are helpful for you in clicking photos or recording videos. Apart from this, you also get top premium features, which you get free of cost. Hope you will like this app very much. If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, then download it and enjoy it.

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