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The world is moving towards a paperless office; everyone is trying to go paperless, from small businesses to large companies. But what if you don’t have a scanner at your disposal? TapScanner MOD APK is the perfect solution for this. TapScanner is a simple app that makes scanning paper documents easy and converting them to readable PDFs. Physical paper files play a significant role in the daily operations of businesses that use this tool heavily. This app is for reviewing PDF files in a simple and organized manner. You can read through the scanned PDF files and then delete the unimportant content or add comments for future reference. Also, you can convert scanned PDF files to text and back to PDF format.

What is TapScanner – Scanner App to PDF?

TapScanner is one of the best free online scanner apps to convert scanned documents into PDF format. With a simple click, you can save every page as a PDF. It allows you to capture photos from different scanning apps and combine them. If you want to print or save images from your web pages to PDF, you should use TapScanner – Scanner App.

It is a free-to-try software that can convert your web pages into pdf documents with just one click. This application is perfect for people who often need to review large PDF files. TapScanner has been downloaded by millions worldwide and is used in thousands of organizations and businesses daily. In mobile technology, scanning apps are usually limited to one purpose: scanning. But not this one!

Features of TapScanner – Scanner App to PDF

The following are some of the fantastic features of this app:

Scan to PDF

You can convert paper documents into PDFs using TapScanner easily and quickly. With this application, you can scan and save any paper document as PDF, which you can access via Dropbox. In addition to adding notes, images, text, and hyperlinks to PDF files, users can save files to email or upload them to online servers. They can even send PDF files directly to their customers.

Reduce PDF size

Emailing PDF files is a pain for many people because the file size can be huge, especially for lengthy documents. One tool that allows you to reduce the size of your PDF file while retaining its content is TapScanner. TapScanner reduces file size without any loss of content. You can install TapScanner and instantly reduce the file size of the documents you send to others without first compressing it using free online tools. You can send the smaller file as an attachment and email the original to your recipients.

Remove watermarks

Watermarking is a tactic that many publishers use to protect their images from being shared without their permission. Still, this watermarking usually annoys anyone trying to share it. The new tool called TapScanner helps you remove watermarks from any image you’d like to share. TapScanner removes all images and watermarks from your photos. In addition to being an image-removal tool, it also includes a ton of features that you won’t find in any other free watermark-removal software, like image overlays and image rotations. You’ll have to pay for some of those features, but if you’re looking for the best free watermark removal tool, TapScanner has you covered.

Protect PDF

PDF file security is a growing issue because of the popularity of these files. But, if you haven’t already, you must get on top of this problem and protect your customers. There are several ways to do this. TapScanner makes it easy to scan documents and images into the system for protection. I’ve been using TapScanner for quite a while now, and it has proven useful. TapScanner lets me lock PDFs that I share with people, making it hard for them to access the files.

You can check out more apps like this Mobile Doc Scanner, CamScanner Pro, and TapScanner.

PDF Editor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, student, designer, blogger, or simply someone who needs to edit text. TapScanner has created a simple yet powerful tool to help people like you easily and quickly edit and manipulate documents.

Scanner App to PDF -TapScanner

Combine PDF files quickly to organize your files

This app can merge multiple PDF files into a single, organized document with the help of this app. Files can be imported individually or selected via drag-and-drop functionality. Once complete, the user can search for individual files, sort documents by file type, or save the entire collection to an email or Dropbox account. Files can be shared with colleagues and collaborators in real-time via DropBox.

Convert image to text – Edit your scans with OCR

Image recognition is now possible for anyone with the rise of smartphones and apps. TapScanner can read a barcode and text your product from a picture. With the app, you can quickly scan an item and receive a product description and price. And if you don’t want to scan a product, the app has an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature that can recognize a photo’s text. The app uses Amazon’s cloud service, which means you can share your images and products between your phone and the web. You can download its original version from Google Play Store.


In conclusion, the Scanner App allows you to scan barcodes and text documents with a single tap. Scan web pages with this method for incredibly convenient scanning. You can add notes to the documents you are scanning with just a few finger taps. The app must have an exemplary user interface so that you will be able to scan different types of documents.

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